Kayaking in Mykonos: A Sea Adventure

A fun way to see Mykonos is by paddling through its beautiful seas. Mykonos Kayak are the local experts to experience kayaking in Mykonos.  Our adventurous and outdoor loving guests have enjoyed many excursions with them.  We recently sat down with Jo and Kostas Siopiros, owners of Mykonos Kayak.  Kostas and his family know exactly where to kayak in Mykonos and simply love sharing the natural beauty of our island in a “safe, fun and eco-friendly manner.”

How did the idea of offering sea kayak services in Mykonos come to you?  

Sea kayaking has been a passion of our family for many years. We have relatives and friends from all over the world that visit us each summer and one of our favorite thing to do with them is taking them out for the day sea kayaking. It’s the best way to explore the unique natural beauty of the Mykonian coastline.  We decided five years ago to make the jump and develop our hobby into a business.  We wanted to share the Mykonos we love with visitors to the island. At the same time, we thought perhaps we can help change the image that Mykonos is just a party island. Our sea kayak tours show that Mykonos is much more than just that!

Are visitors becoming really more interested in participating in various sport activities other than just spending hours on the beach and partying?    

Yes, absolutely.  Every year we see that there is a definite trend where people prefer to have active outdoor experiences while on holiday.  It is a great way to really get to know a place while at the same time doing something unique and memorable.   Visitors who join us on our sea kayaking trips really enjoy to be outdoors,  participating in a sport,  learning new skills, while soaking up the amazing scenery all around them. It is true that Mykonos today is considered for many people as a party island, but it’s important to remember the reason why people come to Mykonos in the first place, isn’t necessarily for the partying and the clubbing. They come for the natural beauty and the hospitality of the people, which still exists today. That’s what we’re offering through our tours.

What is your type of client (families, couples, adventure seekers)?  

We have such a wide variety of people joining us. We have honeymooners, families, couples, groups of friends, solo travelers and cruise boat visitors. Our ages on our standard tours vary from 14 up to 65-plus years.  We find that those who join us have a love for the outdoors and activity.  We also have corporate groups, “stag and hen” parties and university groups joining our tours.


Give us three reasons why someone should experience a sea kayak tour? 

Sea kayaking provides an intimate way to explore and gain a unique perspective of the natural beauty of the Mykonian coastline, it promotes a sense of peace and well-being, both physical and spiritual and it’s a great sport, giving a full body work out.

What will visitors see on a sea kayak tour? Give us a few highlights. 

We paddle mostly in the untamed Mykonos, where our guests get to feast  their eyes on the  magnificent Mykonian coastline. We go through some unique pristine rock formations,  visit unspoiled beaches and remote coves.   Our kayakers witness some of the most fabulous vistas and tucked away sights along the turquoise coast.


What are your plans for the new summer season 2016? Any new services that you will be offering?  

We had a very good season in 2015 and we received reviews with excellent feedback from our customers. We’ve taken note of all their comments and they are our guide for our future services. We’ll continue to offer our very successful classic full-day sea kayaking activity trip. We always offer the same quality standards that made it so popular in the first place.  Additionally, we’re planning to launch a shorter program for those that do not have whole day available for a sea kayaking trip yet would like to receive an introduction to sea kayaking.


When is the best time to experience a kayak tour? 

All the summer months from April to October are ideal for Sea kayaking.   As the weather conditions vary a lot, we adjust our tours to match the weather conditions. We also take in consideration the ability of each individual as well as a group’s dynamics. That way we make sure that each one of our guests is treated as an individual and that they all have an enjoyable tour.  Due to our knowledge of sea kayaking and the island, we have developed a really fun trip for windy conditions.

Thanks, Jo and Kostas! We look forward to kayaking in Mykonos with Mykonos Kayak in 2016.


  1. Really exciting trip. I have bought a new boat and looking for the first trip. Really excited. Thanks for sharing great tips.

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