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An Insider's Guide to Mykonos

The Flavors of Greece: A Culinary Journey at Villa Hurmuses

Greek cuisine from our kitchen to your plate
With its aura of privacy and tranquility, Villa Hurmuses is the perfect place to discover the
mouthwatering flavors of Greek cuisine. In a relaxed atmosphere, and in the company of
family or good friends, our wonderful chef Ana Marie will at your request prepare a range of
the most interesting and flavorsome dishes. Above all, we’d like you to feel welcome and
know that our idyllic villa is more than a vacation rental. It’s a home and a gathering place
where you and your loved ones can immerse yourself in the Mediterranean way of life,
including a culinary experience and a memorable taste of Greece unlike any other!
Home-style cooking – traditional Greek dishes to discover on our menu
 Finger foods: Myconian Louza (local air-dried meat), olive oil biscuits topped with feta,
tomatoes garnished with olive oil, oregano, and red wine vinegar, Myconian sausage
seasoned with salt, oregano, pepper, and other spices, Greek cheeses (Graviera, Feta,
Greek cream cheese, Kefalotyri, Kasseri, Manouri, and Myconian Kopaniati, a soft spicy
cheese) and Kalamata olives. And don’t miss Ana Marie’s famous vegetarian and meat
spring rolls.
 Starters and salads: Traditional Greek salad with tomatoes, cucumber, onions, and feta,
fried saganaki (Graviera or Kasseri cheese), and baked sesame feta or Manouri in filo
drizzled with Myconian honey and balsamic vinegar.
 Vegetable dishes: Seasonal beans cooked in tomato sauce topped with feta cheese,
seasonal vegetables baked in the oven with olive oil and balsamic paste, and tomatoes
or peppers stuffed with rice.
 Main dishes: Fried squid, squid stuffed with rice, squid or octopus in red wine sauce,
mussels or shrimp with feta in a tomato and ouzo base sauce, seasonal fish in the oven,
Moussaka (layers of ground beef or lamb and thinly sliced eggplant topped with a
Béchamel sauce), roast leg of lamb Greek style, chicken flavored with oregano, lemon
juice, and garlic served with crispy roasted potatoes, and a variety of meat and seafood
(depending on availability) grilled on the barbecue.

 Desserts and sweets: Sharona’s fresh mixed berries topped with Mascarpone- Mastixa
cream, and Ana Marie’s much-loved breakfast cake.
Regional specialties
 If you’re looking to try the island’s local delicacies, then be on the lookout for these six
Myconian specialties:
 Cheeses: Kopanisti is a soft, rich, peppery, and aromatic flavored cheese that undergoes
a special two-month maturing process during which fungus grows. Kinotiri is a sour and
sharp cheese made by fermenting and straining buttermilk.

 Appetizer: Mostra is made up of olive oil, oregano, capers, olives, rusk, kopanisti
cheese, and one large tomato. The juice and sweet taste of the tomato when combined
with the spicy taste of the kopanisti makes for a refreshing taste.
 Seafood: Astakomakaronada is a dish made with fresh lobster, macaroni, onion, garlic,
tomato, and a hint of sage.
 Cold cuts: Louza, a dry cured meat (thin, pork loin slices like prosciutto), has been dried
out in the sun with sea salt before being marinated in aromatic herbs and spices.
 Cookies: Amygdalota are made of sugar, ground almonds, and water flavored with rose
or orange blossom extract. Powdered sugar is then sprinkled on top to make these tasty
traditional almond cookies.
 Honey pie: Melopita is made with Tyrovolia (aka ‘Mykonian chevre’) or Mizithra (a whey
cheese) and local honey and can be found everywhere on the island.
Aegean wine pairings
Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm, located in Ano Mera, is home to the island’s only
winemakers. There they plant traditional Aegean Sea varieties like Assyrtiko, Athiri,
Monemvasia, Malagouzia, Agiannitis, and Mandilaria.
 VEGGERA IN ROSÉ Rosé Wine (Mandilaria) – A delightfully balanced wine with a
peach-like aftertaste that goes well with roasted fish, poultry, and light sauces. It also
pairs well with spicy and aromatic hors d’oeuvres.
 PARAPORTIANO White Wine (Assyrtiko and Athiri) – The Assyrtiko variety
preserves a smooth taste in the mouth while blending citrus and fruity scents, giving
it good acidity. It goes nicely with pasta, white meat, and seafood.
 PARAPORTIANO Red Wine (Mandilari and Agiannitis) – This traditional red wine
has a smooth tannin structure, a well-balanced taste, and an intriguing bouquet. It
goes well with red sauces and meat dishes.
 HELIOPHILOS Naturally Sweet Wine – vegan (Mandilari and Malagouzia)
Distinguished by its orange-red color, this wine’s fruit aroma and vanilla bouquet
leave a pleasant and lasting aftertaste on the palate. It is perfect to accompany light
desserts with nuts or dark chocolate, custards, ice cream, and strong cheeses such
as Roquefort).