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An Insider's Guide to Mykonos

Mykonos – a celebration of love and equality

Greece, although predominantly Christian Orthodox, is known for being culturally open and
welcoming to LGBTQ+ travelers. Mykonos especially attracts many tourists from the gay
community who have long considered the paradise a safe haven. Locals are known for their
openness and transparency regarding sexual preferences, a good indicator that the ‘island of the
winds’ is indeed the ultimate holiday destination for all kinds of visitors. Now we can add a further
attraction: Greece has recently legalized same-sex marriages, and we confidently predict that
Mykonos will fast become the perfect wedding location for them too.
An important step for Greece
This new law, passed on 15th February this year, marks a significant achievement for human rights
in Greece, as it became the first majority Orthodox Christian country to recognize in law marriage
equality for all. The legislation places particular emphasis on parental and children’s rights. For
instance, it gives same-sex couples the ability to adopt and receive full parental recognition,
including the granting of parental rights to a surviving parent in the event of their spouse’s death.
Although same-sex couples cannot yet have a baby via surrogacy, the new legislation
acknowledges the status of existing offspring, including those adopted or born to surrogates
Love has no boundaries
For Villa Hurmuses, where we have always extended hospitality to all guests, regardless of gender
or sexual orientation, the new law is a welcome development. As a picture-perfect venue for
weddings, proposals and engagements, receptions, and honeymoons, this 5-star luxurious retreat
has for years been helping couples and their loved ones make memories that will last a lifetime.
With its stunning natural environment, spectacular views, and private tranquil ambiance, this dream
Mykonos vacation home is an ideal setting for romance. Perfectly situated within walking distance
of Mykonos Town and the golden Megali Ammos Beach, the Villa Hurmuses boasts services and
facilities that come from the heart, with every corner telling a memorable story of love and

Love life and live it
Given the stunning views of the ocean, golden beaches, traditional whitewashed buildings, and
spectacular sunsets, Mykonos is truly amazing! Are you curious about why it stands out as a top
island holiday destination? Here are a few compelling reasons:
 The island’s main town (Chora) offers a variety of stores selling Greek souvenirs, designer
clothes, luxury items, and jewelry. When you have had your fill of shopping, there are
numerous dining options, cafes and bars, and a vibrant nightlife if you want it.
 Mykonos boasts around 30 sandy beaches with stunningly clear waters. Discover beach and
island water sports activities like jet-skiing and tube riding. If you want a break from the beach
or the pool, horseback riding, outdoor yoga, and biking tours are also available.
 Despite Mykonos’ reputation for its vibrant party scene, you can also enjoy a more peaceful
and laid-back vacation if you prefer. The paradise island has a lengthy and fascinating history,
with a variety of churches, monasteries, and museums to explore, and a maritime tradition that
stretches back over thousands of years. Meanwhile don’t forget to view the iconic windmills for
which Mykonos is world-famous.
 When you’re in Mykonos, make sure to sample some of the local specialties, like the flavorful
kopanisti cheese or Louza, the renowned Myconian pork delicacy crafted from premium meat

 Delos, a nearby uninhabited island, was once the center of religious and political life in the area
and is credited with being the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis in Greek mythology. This
important historical and archaeological site can be explored through a guided tour.
 The island of Mykonos is renowned for having some of the most captivating sunsets in the
Aegean Sea, which will serve as a breathtaking backdrop for romantic moments.
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