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Kayaking in Mykonos: A Sea Adventure

A fun way to see Mykonos is by paddling through its beautiful seas. Mykonos Kayak are the local experts to experience kayaking in Mykonos.  Our adventurous and outdoor loving guests have enjoyed many excursions with them.  We recently sat down with Jo and Kostas Siopiros, owners of Mykonos Kayak.  Kostas and his family know exactly where to kayak in Mykonos and simply love sharing the natural beauty of our island in a “safe, fun and eco-friendly manner.”

How did the idea of offering sea kayak services in Mykonos come to you?  

Sea kayaking has been a passion of our family for many years. We have relatives and friends from all over the world that visit us each summer and one of our favorite thing to do with them is taking them out for the day sea kayaking. It’s the best way to explore the unique natural beauty of the Mykonian coastline.  We decided five years ago to make the jump and develop our hobby into a business.  We wanted to share the Mykonos we love with visitors to the island. At the same time, we thought perhaps we can help change the image that Mykonos is just a party island. Our sea kayak tours show that Mykonos is much more than just that!

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