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Top Reasons to rent Villa Hurmuses in Mykonos

If you have been dreaming of traveling again – and who hasn’t?! – you may want to consider something really special – your own private villa in Mykonos. This Cycladic gem of an island is one of the most famous destinations in the world, and there are hundreds of good reasons for that. Mykonos is truly a destination of unique charms, both traditional and cosmopolitan. The enchanting alleyways and amazing beaches draw visitors from across the globe. Continue Reading…

Villa Hurmuses Hosts its Spring Mediterranean Retreat on Mykonos

Award-Winning Greek Villa’s 2018 Wellness Retreat Focuses on a Balanced Lifestyle

Villa Hurmuses, an award-winning luxury villa on Mykonos, will host its annual spring Mediterranean Retreat with a focus on a balanced lifestyle.  The retreat will take place at the villa from May 1 to May 5, 2018.

“The Mediterranean Retreat offers a lighthearted atmosphere that combines a dreamlike Greek island ambience with wellness practices for the body and soul,” says Sharona Hurmuses, the owner of Villa Hurmuses and coordinator of the Mediterranean Retreat. “It doesn’t matter what you know about fitness or spirituality. There is no judging here. There are no do’s and don’ts. This retreat is about feeling healthy and good.”

The Mediterranean Retreat program aims to bring awareness to one’s physical body, thoughts and emotions by intertwining aspects of the Greek island culture through various exercises and events in a relaxing Mediterranean island atmosphere.

Certified trainers and practitioners will lead circuit training, yoga and meditation exercises. Individual massages are also part of the package. Healthy Mediterranean meals will be prepared by the staff.  An excursion to the mystical ancient archaeological site on nearby Delos island is also part of the schedule. To round out the experience, a cooking class will offer guests a way to take home knowledge about local gastronomy and Greek cooking techniques.

“Our carefully planned itinerary gives our guests a way to be healthy and learn about healthy ways of living while making great memories with new friends,” says Hurmuses.

About Villa Hurmuses:  Villa Hurmuses is consistently rated as one of the top luxury villas on Mykonos by the world’s top media. Conde Nast Traveler rated Villa Hurmuses as one of the “Top 20 Great Villas on the Greek islands,” and The UK Times awarded it as one of “Europe’s 50 Best Villas.” Perched on a hillside slope in Megali Ammos, the three-level accommodation offers breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and nearby Mykonos Town. The in-house staff offers guests undivided attention in a stylish, luxurious yet traditional, whitewashed Cycladic island atmosphere. The villa has been awarded for its relaxing pool and recognized for its private relaxing spaces. For more information about the villa and about Mykonos, please visit:

For the full press release, program, and itinerary, click here.


The Cozy Corners at Villa Hurmuses

When on holidays everyone needs some alone time. To calm down, unwind and simply give your mind the room to wander. At Villa Hurmuses you will find plenty of cozy corners which will help you escape. Here is a sneak peak on what you can do while holidaying in your private villa on Mykonos.  Continue Reading…

Spa in Mykonos: Top Facial Treatments

If you’re going to spa in Mykonos, go for some of the top facial treatments available today.  The best way to feel fresh as you go out and explore the island from day to night.

There are so many excellent facial rejuvenation treatments available on Mykonos featuring the top luxury spa brands.  Some facial treatments reduce wrinkles and fine lines, others treat skin problems such as acne and rosacea. Some are just perfect for enhancing an already great skin care regimen. Many of the Mykonian spas say clients ask for anti-ageing and moisturizing treatments. The demand for the top facial treatments continues to be a popular spa option because visitors want to look as fresh as possible following late nights of fun and good times in Mykonos.

Here are the four top facial treatments on the island for you to check out, a great addition to your special spa in Mykonos experience. Continue Reading…

Deciding on your Villa Massage

There is no better time to enjoy a relaxing massage than in the privacy of your villa during your holidays in Mykonos. Other than deciding on what your villa massage should be, the rest of your holiday will be carefree as you enjoy the sunny days lazing by the pool, sipping Greek wine and savoring freshly cooked dishes prepared by the villa staff.

The Massage Menu 

There are many different styles, types and techniques of massages which are practiced by massage therapists worldwide. Each one caters to a different need and carries individual health benefits. To help you choose which massage suits you best, we have compiled a list of popular types of massages. Continue Reading…