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Villa Hurmuses – The Perfect Island Hideaway

Villa Hurmuses – The Perfect Island Hideaway for Your Next Adventure
Immersed in a vibrant display of bougainvillea flowers and abundant greenery, the 5-star Villa
Hurmuses is as impressive as its location. The five spacious rooms, each with sweeping views of
the sea, can accommodate up to ten people. Enjoying expansive outdoor areas and the
surrounding Mykonian environment, the rooms are lavishly furnished with antiques, rattan, artwork,
and delicately embroidered linens. Tasteful decorations use a traditional color palette of lime-wash,
stone, and wood. Outside, with its light, breezy summer décor, the palm tree-flanked garden pool
conveys a sense of tranquility and relaxation. Truly, at Villa Hurmuses you can immerse yourself in
a heady mix of local culture and natural beauty, combining high-end luxury with a taste for
Megali Ammos – “Big Sandy Beach”
Just a short 10-minute walk from Villa Hurmuses, you’ll find the quiet golden sandy beach of Megali
Ammos nestled behind the famous landmark windmills of Mykonos town. It’s a good spot for young
children because of its shallow water and a nice place to spend with the family under the sun.
Although it can be a little breezy at times, it’s the closest beach to Mykonos town and its popular
sights. The beach is especially enjoyable in the evening hours when you can witness the
mesmerizing sunsets. The beach is not overly crowded and has the added attraction that you don’t
need to trek to one of the more famous beaches further away. If you’re interested, not far away is
the Ippos Riding Center where you can enjoy horseback riding.
Activities and sightseeing
Though reveling in its reputation as a ‘hidden gem’ on Mykonos, the villa organizes a wide range of
activities for your enjoyment: sea kayak tours around the island, kite surfing, jet ski and banana
boat rentals, sunset cruises or day/overnight trips to other islands, private motor yacht rental,
cheese and wine tastings, guided tours to Ancient Delos, and visits to an organic farm and
vineyard. Guests also love sightseeing and discovering these nearby iconic sites:
 Windmills – Mykonos’ most famous windmills, built by the Venetians in the 1600s to grind
wheat, stand picturesquely on a little hillside that looks out over the port.
 Archaeological Museum of Mykonos – This magnificent structure, constructed in 1902, is
situated in a commanding location overlooking the old harbor. Its purpose was to serve as a
home for the valuable artifacts from the 5th century BC. These were unearthed in Rinia in 1898
and other burial chambers found on the island.
 Lena’s House – This charming Mykonian house, dating back to the 19th century, is named after
its last resident Lena Skrivanou, who passed away in 1968. The house has been beautifully
preserved, with all its original furnishings still intact.
 Little Venice – There are few spots in Mykonos as picturesque as Little Venice where beautiful
and historic homes perch perilously on the brink of the hill. Located in the center of the town
(Chora), the charming neighborhood is renowned for its stunning architecture.
 Panagia Paraportiani – Constructed between the 15th and 17th centuries, this most renowned
church on Mykonos consists of four smaller chapels, with a fifth floor accessible via an outside
stairway. The building is exceptionally photogenic, with its whitewashed, rock-like appearance.
Unfortunately, it is usually locked to the public.
 Aegean Sea Museum – Established in 1985 as a non-profit institution, the museum’s main
focus is to gather and promote the rich history and traditions of Greek maritime culture, with a
particular emphasis on the development and operations of merchant ships in the Aegean Sea
throughout history.
An ideal escape to paradise
Are you in need of the perfect Mykonos getaway? Look no further! With a stunning al fresco dining
pavilion that offers excellent shade for outdoor dining, an exquisite award-winning private pool, and

the option to have a personal chef at your service, Villa Hurmuses is the ultimate destination for
those seeking a lavish and secluded retreat on the enchanting island of Mykonos – a superb place
to call home, at least for a while. Here you will experience slow, laid-back summer living and warm
weather, meet friendly locals, and savor fine Mediterranean cuisine.
Villa Hurmuses: a place to feel boundlessly alive, and where you can jump joyfully from one
adventure to an other.