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An Insider's Guide to Mykonos

The Secrets of Greek Wine: Enjoy a sip on Mykonos

A trip to Greece will not be complete without honoring some Greek wines. A country where wine is closely connected with the ancient culture and religion. From antiquity to the present day, the Greek sunshine and tradition-rich terroir has produced some of the finest grape varieties. We recently sat down with Konstantinos Lavidas, manager of Wine Room Mykonos to discover the secret of enjoying a sip on Mykonos. A walking wine encyclopaedia himself — when you ask Konstantinos about wine, be prepared to talk great lengths about how the 5 senses come in motion when you drink wine.  Continue Reading…

Mykonos Lifestyle Cooking by Teo Iliopoulos

Want to learn more about the Mykonian food culture and embark on a journey of exquisite tastes? Mykonos Lifestyle Cooking is a fascinating concept that introduces guests to authentic and traditional flavors of Mykonos.

 We sat down with the Founder, Teo Iliopoulos to get an insight on what inspired him to create Lifestyle Cooking and to find out about the bohemian beach cooking experience. Intrigued? Read on!  Continue Reading…

Summer Coffees of Greece

While in Mykonos, you’ll notice locals enjoying the island sun with one of the famous coffees of Greece in hand.  Here’s a post to get you prepared for the special coffee drink variations during your visit to our island. Continue Reading…