Electricity in Greece is 220 volt 50 hertz and sockets require the European ‘Schuko’ style round two-pin plug, which is perhaps the most common grounded plug in the world.  If you require adapters, the staff will be happy to provide them.

Air Conditioning:
All bedrooms have air conditioners.


  • Olympic Airways Tel: + 30 22890-22490 or + 30 22890-202495.
  • Aegean Airlines Tel: (0801) 20000.

Mykonos Airport Tel: +30 22890-23302 or +30 22890-22327.

Airport Transfer:
We can assist at providing transport to and from Villa Hurmuses.

The villa staff can look after your children, or find you a babysitter.  We charge €12 an hour for this service if we do it ourselves.  Please give ample notice so that we can make the necessary arrangements in-house or with outside help.

Baby High Chair, Bath and Monitor:
Please contact Ana Marie if you need any of these items.

Banks are the best place to change money, not the money changers.  Alpha Bank, National Bank, Commercial Bank of Greece and Euro Bank are centrally located in Hora(town).  Most banks open at 8am and close at 2:15pm.

Beauty Salon:

  • Beauty world Nails & Hair Spa +30 22890-25202.

The house staff will be pleased to do the shopping for you or to provide you with recommendations.

Beach Bags:
Every room is provided with a beach bag should you require one.  Please do not forget to leave them behind after your stay, for the use of future guests.

Bathrobes are provided in every room.  Please do not forget to leave them behind after your stay, for the use of future guests.

Beach Towels:
Beach towels are provided for your trips to the beach.  Please do not forget to bring them back.

Bath Amenities:
All bathrooms are equipped with bath gels, shampoo, body lotion and conditioner.

Car Rental:
There are many car rental companies available, however we recommend Apollon Rent-A-Car at +30 22890-27850.  Ask for Despina or Jordon who own the company and graciously provide us with special rates.  You may pick up or drop off the car at the airport or at the house.

Currency Exchange:
Most foreign currencies can be changed at the bank.  The bank is the best place to change all currency locally.

Please contact Ana Marie for a baby cot/crib.

Cake Shop:
If you need to organize a birthday cake or a cake for any special event.  Please ask Ernesto or Ana Marie for assistance.

Catholic Church:
The Catholic Church is located in the Hora by the windmills.  Services are usually on Sunday (in Greek only) at 7:30 pm.

Courier Services:
Speedex (an agent of FedEx), DHL or ACS does the island courier services. Ernesto can assist you with this service.

Private Medical Center.  Call +30 22890-24211 or +30 22890-27407 or +30 22890-27464.


  • Georgios Katsirmas +30 22890-25183.
  • Ioannis Kontos +30 22890-24150.
  • Georgios Xydakis +30 22890-23980.
  • Vivi Economou +30 22890-23950.

Drinking Water:
We do not recommend drinking from the tap and suggest that you buy bottled water.

There is an excellent pharmacy/drugstore on the way to Ano Mera by the hospital.  It is open throughout the day.  Call +30 22890-25163 if you need information on the availability of medicine or ask Ernesto and Ana Marie for assistance.

All appliances use 220 volts.  If you need an adapter please contact the house staff.  Summer is always a very busy time of the year and there is a high usage of electricity that sometimes the island is unable to cope with, as the power station on the island is old. Due to this, there are often short power failures. However the villa is equipped with a generator and generally will not be affected by the power failures.


  • Police +30 22890- 22235.
  • Tourist Police – +30 22890-22482 or +30 22890-22716.

Filanthi has excellent flowers and plants – +30 6974872175 or please ask Ernesto or Ana Marie for assistance.


  • Beautyworld Nails & Hair Spa +30 22890-25202.

Our housekeepers will be pleased to do grocery shopping for you.  We suggest keeping a float with them of about 200 euros to start with or give the staff money as needed.  They will present you with a receipt for every item bought or what has been spent and you may see the account any time.

Bodyworks Gym is a 10 minute walk away from the villa. We have an open space at the villa with weights, bench and mats you can use.

Ernesto and Ana Marie are responsible for daily housekeeping and maintenance of the villa, pool and grounds.  The staff works 7 days a week and finish every day at 12 midnight.  Please note the staff usually take a break from 3 pm to 6 pm.

Hair Dryers:
Hairdryers are available in all bathrooms.

Ice Cubes:
Ice is available at the supermarket if you need large amounts.  The house staff will be pleased to get it for you.

Personal laundry is not included.  If you would like your laundry done we are most pleased to take it out to our regular laundry company.  We also provide a washing machine and dryer at the Villa.

If you have any mail, Ernesto will be pleased to take them to the post office for you.

A map of Mykonos is available in the Villa.

Available by appointment.  They will be pleased to come to the villa.  We provide a massage table located at Venus Pergola. Please inform Ernesto or Ana Marie and they will arrange for an appointment for you.

Photo Express:
Photo express provide 1-hour photo developing services.  They are located on the outskirts of town.  Please inquire with Ernesto or Ana Marie.

We are able to make simple copies with the printer at the villa at no additional charge, or you can try the photo express shop on the outskirts of town.

Port Authority:
For information on incoming ferries or cancellation call +30 2890-22218.

You may use the printer at no additional charge.

Pool Towels:
We provide pool towels, strictly for the use at the villa pool.

Beautyworld Nails & Hair Spa.  There are 2 locations.  One in Matogianni and the other Drafaki near the airport. Tel +30 22890-22158 or +30 22890-25202.

Ernesto and Ana Marie will be pleased to book you a taxi or organise private transfers to and from the villa.

Tipping is entirely at the guest’s discretion.  According to the length of stay, a suggested average tip would be a total of €50 to €100 per week per person.  Please remember this is completely up to you and the amount we have suggested is the average amount of what prior guests have left.

Due to the old pipe system on the island, we ask you please do not throw any toilet paper or sanitary napkins in the toilet.  A small paper bin is located beside the toilet and will be emptied daily.

Travel Agent:
Mykonos Accommodation Center located in the center of town will be able to help you with local and international travel services.  Accommodation, booking of ferries etc. Tel +30 22890-28160 or +30 22890-23408 or +30 22890-23160.

To make a local call dial 22890 + the number.  To dial to other parts of Greece dial the area code and the local number.  To make an international call, dial 00 + country code + area code + number.  For all international calls.  Ernesto will be please to pick up a calling card for you.

Wireless Internet:
Wireless internet connectivity is available throughout the villa.

Yoga is available at BodyWorks Gym or privately at the villa.