Visit Ano Mera Village in Mykonos

At the core of our island is a quiet village called Ano Mera where you can explore another side to Mykonos.

Ano Mera Village

A 15-minute drive from seaside Mykonos Town leads right to an inland village called Ano Mera.  This is the second most populated town on the island but offers a much different feel. Instead of a warren of lanes highly populated with shops, cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants, Ano Mera is simple and quiet.  This village is centered around a large public square.  It isn’t crowded here and if you come at the right time, you’ll see what it’s like to walk through a typical Cycladic island village.


Since it located in the middle of the island, it has a different feeling as well.  You can explore around its core to find traditional stone houses or pop into mom-and-pop shops like a local butcher or simple café.  The beautiful and bold bougainvillea against the white painted walls are particularly striking around many of Ano Mera’s corners.

Here are some things you can do while you are in Ano Mera.

Stop at a Local Taverna

Have a meal at one of the local tavernas.  There are several Greek tavernas lining the square in Ano Mera where you can try local specialities or see what’s on offer.

Have a Greek Coffee at a Café

Ano Mera has several pastry shops serving traditional sweets.  Why not try a few here? Stop at a café for a Greek cold or hot coffee and watch as children play in the square and locals go about their daily business.

Visit Panagia Tourliani Monastery

This monastery is located near the square and it is a collection of various settlements. Its center is known as the Cloister which was built in traditional Cycladic architecture. There’s an inscription that says it was built by two monks in the 16th century, and it was restructured in 1767.

Have a look at the beautiful marble details and the intricate fountain.  You can walk into the church itself to view the interior and its Byzantine icons.  There is a 1 euro fee to enter the monastery.

The Monastery of Paleokastro

Located on the opposite hill from Ano Mera you can explore the remains of a Byzantine castle. The road isn’t the easiest one to drive one. If you like hiking, you can also walk to it.

The old castle walls were built on top of an ancient temple. While not much may be left it was once
one of two major settlements of the island in ancient times. There’s an old church called Agios Vlassis, a large dovecote and grave markers.  The views are lovely.

Head to Nearby Beaches

After you are done sightseeing in Ano Mera you can head for a beach break at one the nearest beaches to Ano Mera. Choose from Kalo Livadi, Elia, Kalafatis or Agia Anna.

Visit Ano Mera

Ano Mera is a fantastic traditional village to visit to see another side to Mykonos.  You can enjoy a relaxing afternoon and delve into a bit of Mykonian history while you are at it.

Have you ever been to Ano Mera?

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