Villa Kitchen Highlights: Homemade Cookies

Part of our Greek hospitality means offering our guests some special treats made with care by our villa staff.  Sometimes, we love cooking up some Greek specialties including Greek savory pitas. Our guests leave Mykonos asking just how to make Greek zucchini pie called kolokithopita. You can find the recipe from our earlier post from this link.  On the sweet side, we love to bake up a batch of our homemade cookies from time to time.

Everyone can agree that cookies are a simple sweet treat that are perfect for any occasion.  Why not a villa holiday stay?  The Villa Hurmuses cookies have just the right touch of cinnamon. Just like our savory pie recipe, our guests ask for our special cookie recipe to take home.



1 kg all-purpose flour

4 cups olive oil

1 cup cooking oil

1 small pack ammonia

4 sticks cinnamon

a little clove

a little cinnamon powder

2 cups sugar



1)      Boil on one cup of water the cloves and the cinnamon sticks

2)      Strain the water to take out the dry ingredients (mix 1)

3)      Mix together all the ingredients (including mix 1) and shape into a dough

4)      Shape to cookies, roll into cinnamon

5)      Bake in the oven till golden brown into 180 Celsius

We love that even when our guests leave Mykonos they can remember us, our Greek hospitality and their luxury villa experience by baking up this simple and delicious cookie recipe!

Do you have your own homemade cookie recipe?

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