Villa Hurmuses Mykonos Gets A New Look

As travel begins to slowly reconvene post-pandemic levels,  the global travel and tourism industry is on the cusp of a new era. The events following the recent global health crisis have most certainly redefined the way we travel. In the face of the new reality we at Villa Hurmuses saw the challenges as new opportunities to enhance your Mykonos villa experience. We took the downtime to pour more love into our family-owned villa – by giving it a new look so it can further enhance your stay on Mykonos. 

What has changed at Villa Hurmuses? 

Villa Hurmuses is distinct in its sense of place, it offers a warm and inviting atmosphere which harmoniously coexists with the breezy Myconian vibe. In our mini “revival” project we wanted to mainly focus on the common areas of the villa, both indoor and outdoor, – dedicating our efforts to renovating the living room and barbeque area. 

Working in collaboration with Everlyn Mavrou of Mitsakis Mavrou Architects, we wanted to preserve the villa’s unique island feel while reimagining and updating its modern comforts. What was important was to bring the rest of the house to the barbecue and to ensure that everything flows naturally and harmoniously from one room to the next. As perfectly described by the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus – panta rei, “everything flows”.  

The newly revived barbeque area is now complete with a new bar countertop complemented by an ice-fridge, two fridges, a dishwasher and bountiful storage space. An ideal place to spend the dreamy summer nights in the warm glow of the setting sun, reconnecting and enjoying lively conversation in the company of your family and friends. 

The outdoor space has also been upgraded with a new fireplace to create an attention grabbing focal point, which takes the gaze away from an empty white wall. A quiet corner accessorized with oversized floor pillows – a chic little nest ideal for moments of solitude. 

We wanted to play with the contrast between old and new, and to bring the traditional Myconian elements to the overall design. We incorporated three new triangles into the whitewashed wall of the bar area in order to highlight the triangles on the pigeon house by the pool and to tie them in, with the smaller existing ones in the living room, right above the fireplace. 

The whitewashed pigeon houses, also known as dovecotes, were once an integral part of Myconian life. Pigeons were prized for their excellent meat and were bred during the Venetian ruling on the Greek islands. The triangles served a specific role – they were the perfect spot for the birds to “socialize”, while the rest of the house was useful for the rural living. The same decorative triangle elements have been incorporated in the design of the completely renovated Mykonos International airport, preserving the architectural traditions of this renowned Cycladic island. 

While the majority of newly built villas on Mykonos focus on minimalist design, clean-cut lines and modern architecture we wanted to maintain the locally crafted elements paying homage to the destination. 

We wanted to give our cozy living room an increased sense of space and we achieved this by remodeling the layout to create one continuous big space. Several corners of the new living room were designed with comfort and slow afternoons in mind, promising simple luxury combined with a contemporary comfort of a family home. 


An island bathed in divine light 

Light, oh glorious light!  – Mykonos is all about breathtaking light. Located just a stone’s throw away from the sacred island of Delos, the birthplace of god of light Apollo, the island oozes a sense of magic. We tapped into this endless source of life by adding two large windows –  to bring more light into the living room and to further expand the feeling of space. With the living room being a focal point in one’s home, we also wanted to maximize the stunning views our villa is known for. 

Whether it’s catching the sunrise with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, or relaxing with a glass of chilled wine watching the sun set over the famous windmills, the view from Villa Hurmuses will surely take your breath away. 

Giving a second-life to our furniture 

At Villa Hurmuses we are dedicated to doing our part to help sustain the environment. As such we wanted to give our villa a new look while minimizing the effect on the environment. Instead of throwing away very good furniture, with the help of Elsa Koppasi from Wood-picker we repainted the furniture in all our bedrooms, giving them a second-life and a new twist to better suit the evolving tastes of our guests.  We are delighted with the final result. 

The overall decor is dominated by a harmonious palette of warm and cold neutrals (whites, browns and blues) highlighting the importance of nature and balance. A pop of color is found in carefully selected accessories – cushions, textiles and framed art. 

The overall space is  structured with elements of the island, which consist of rustic wood surfaces, bamboo furniture, refreshing landscapes and arts-and-crafts to evoke the feeling of being on a Greek island vacation. 


Embracing new traveler trends by recalibrating our hospitality 


From two years of very limited travel, or no travel at all several long-term shifts and short-term trends have emerged. Even before the pandemic the definition of travel was starting to change – where  digital and virtual worlds blurred the lines between work, life, and travel. As we navigate the waves of global transformation we see that more and more travelers are embracing the new type of travel – bleisure. Villa Hurmuses offers ample space and ideal conditions for guests to enjoy extended stays – whether on vacation or looking to combine business with pleasure. Our wonderful in-house staff are exceptional at offering an elevated guest experience – all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your stay. 

We look forward to welcoming you at our out-of-a-postcard Myconian villa with ample outdoor space, meticulously manicured garden and a pristine swimming pool, perfect for the carefree moments under the Greek sun.  


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