Travel Bloggers share their best memories of Mykonos

Between the Cycladic charm, world-class accommodation, nightlife, exotic beaches and a booming restaurant scene, there are plenty of reasons why you should visit Mykonos in 2018. We have asked international travel bloggers to share their best memories of Mykonos. You are in for a great time, read on to find out why.

Best memories of Mykonos: International Travel Bloggers go to Mykonos  

The picturesque cobblestone streets of Mykonos Town, dreamy beaches, friendly locals and delicious food are just a few reasons why everyone loves Mykonos. But there is more to this jet set island which makes it an unforgettable travel experience.

Why we fell in love with Mykonos

Paula and Gordon of Contented Traveller

Let’s face it, we fell in love with Greece, and we fell in love with the islands of Greece, and we also fell in love with Mykonos. Do we fall in love that easily? Well not really, but for some reason Mykonos resonated with us. It was the lovely man who hired us our quad bikes to explore this spectacular island, and then on his recommendation we went to his brother’s cousins taverna, where the food was to die for. Mykonos was a friendly island, and an island that looks so beautiful. On our quad bike, we could visit the little villages of Agios Ioannis, Ornos, Kalafatis and managed to get to the most traditional of the villages on Mykonos – Ano Mera. We ouzo, wine, ate mezedes and intend to return to Mykonos.

Friendly Folks in Mykonos

Scott and Hayley of International Hotdish

When you think of Greece you’ll probably think about beautiful beaches, blue skies, and a Mediterranean diet. It’s all true. But you should also be thinking of the friendly people — especially on the island of Mykonos.

The people here are so darn friendly. If you don’t speak or understand much Greek, most folks will always try to help if they can. Whether you’re lost on the wrong street, stuck trying to order food, or just wondering what to do with your day, the local islanders will lend a helping hand.

Part of the charm is the natural tendency to be immersed in the warm, communal lifestyle of what most Greeks celebrate. Meals are more often eaten communally, people hug and tell jokes, they lend a hand where they can, and they dance. It reminds me a lot of the Ecuadorian side of my family: warm, jovial, Latin, and fun. Just remember this when you visit Mykonos, if the food and views don’t win over your heart, the locals surely will.


What makes Mykonos special to me?

Celeste of Family Experiences Blog

If there is one Greek island representing my long hot summers in Greece it would be Mykonos. Mykonos is classy and sophisticated as Saint Tropez but less pretentious. The island offers old school glamour and 5 star services with a variety of exclusive luxury hotels and restaurants like no other place in Greece. Mykonos has beautiful people, classy shops and a great party scene. My experience of Mykonos is love, youthful romance, freedom, luxury and carefree fun. It is a great place to enjoy the good life. La Dolce Vita. Mykonos is a magical place; I always feel that anything is possible there. Mykonians are very hospitable and offer inclusiveness and open-mindedness.

I have a family now and my party nights are over. But even for families and for those who seek peace and solitude, Mykonos is a great place. There are countless beaches from busy and hip to intimate and quiet for relaxing moments. The village of Ano Mera and the labyrinth of Mykonos town are very charming and great for night strolls. Mykonos nature is as magical as everything else: with moon landscape — like rocks where white meets blue in a stunning matrimony. Mykonos has captured my senses and stolen my heart forever.

One of the best gay beaches in Europe

Stefan and Sebastien of Nomadic Boys

We love Mykonos. It’s a paradise island with some of the best summer parties and beaches. Elia (which means “olive” in Greek) beach is our favourite. It is also very popular with the LGBTQ crowd, and is where the majority of the gay guys hang out during the day.

We love Elia beach because it has a fun open-minded atmosphere, yet it’s quite remote — you either reach it by boat, or a long bus ride from Mykonos town. Beyond Elia beach is a second, more isolated beach, which is popular with nudists at its far end.

The summer months of July/August are the most popular, with the famous XLSIOR gay party taking place in late August/early September.

World-class dining scene

Elena of  Passion for Greece

Mykonos boasts a fantastic dining scene. The wide variety of world-class restaurants on Mykonos will satisfy any appetite. Here you will find a delightful cocktail scene, innovative, design-forward restaurants as well as traditional family run tavernas.

From sushi, to beach barbecues, fusion cuisine, Japanese, Peruvian and  Greek of course — Mykonos has it all.

Grab creative cocktails paired with locally-sourced light bites or ordered sharable platters for an ultimate Greek island experience. Fancy fresh oysters, mussels and lobster paired with fine champagne?Mykonos has all that and more. For a taste of 100% Greek food experience grab a souvlaki or order a Greek salad.


Mykonos sunset

Hadas of The Fashion Matters 

When I visited Mykonos one of my favourite things to do was watching the sunset at the end of a long day of walking around the streets. And what better way to do so than overlooking the sea? It felt so relaxing to sip on a cocktail in one the bars by the port while watching the sunset. There are various attractive locations to watch the sunset in Mykonos from, with 180 degrees sunset bar and Little Venice being one of those; All you got to do is choose a location, relax and enjoy. Personally, I can’t think of a better way of finishing the day.


Stunning white alleyways

Nathaniel of Travel Lemming

Unlike most mainstays on Instagram, Mykonos doesn’t offer just one or two photogenic angles — it has thousands of them. Around every corner and buried in every blue and white nook is a new picture-perfect side to the island. One of the most enchanting things to do on the island, not to mention an affordable budget activity, is to simply wander aimlessly through the back streets of Mykonos town. Even during high season you’ll manage to find your space away from the crowds, where you can slowly take in the simple beauty of small things like laundry hanging to dry over a stunningly white alleyway while cats compete for the best spot to soak up a sunbeam. That’s why my favorite thing to do on this island is to simply wander the streets and to enjoy every little bit of Mykonos.

My Summer on Mykonos

Isabella of Boundless Roads

I spent an entire summer in Mykonos a few years ago from March to October and there were things that stuck to my memory as some of the happiest moments of my life. They were just  simple things that made this island so special to me and for sure mother nature  played an important part too:

1.     The breathtaking sunsets either from Kapari beach or, even better, from a sailing boat .

2.     Windsurfing from Kalafati beach. That’s where I have learnt but even if you are not really interested in water sports, just watching all those sails running on the water or flipping in the air is a show that I don’t want to miss.

3.     Eating in one of the restaurants in the square of Ano Mera, the small village in the center of the island. The culinary options are countless and it is really difficult to point out one best restaurant, as Greek cuisine is just extraordinary good, but for some reason I loved to hang out with my friends in that particular place, far from the crowded center and more peaceful.

My favorite month was September when the huge crowd of tourist left and I only shared my secret corners with only few other souls.

Happy New Year! What are your best memories of Mykonos?


  1. Love Mykonos – yes it’s very touristy in the peak summer months, but it will always be one of our favourite beach getaways 🙂

    • Elena

      Thanks Stefan for the contribution and for sharing your memories of Mykonos. True Mykonos is more magical during the off season months. September and October are perfect as it is still very warm but not as crowded. Happy New Year!

  2. Mykonos is so popular for a reason. There’s so much to do! Ideally you’ll stay for a few days to take it all in, but it is a popular cruise ship destination so if you only have a day to explore, plan ahead!

  3. This is a great article. Mykonos is one of the best greek islands to visit. It’s filled with beautiful landscapes, idillic beaches, and a devilish nightlife. When visiting Mykonos you have to visit the great Mykonos beach clubs. Don’t forget to have fun! 🙂

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