Top Secret Beaches of Mykonos

There are the glamorous beaches on Mykonos, where the celebrities and  crowds mingle under the glistening sun, enjoying the glorious blue skies and the mesmerizing waters of the Aegean Sea. Don’t get us wrong we love them. However, there is the other side to Mykonos, a side that only locals really see. The top secret beaches of Mykonos are unexpected hideaways, and remain under the radar.

Natural Beauty and Blissful Hideaways:  Top Secret Beaches of Mykonos

For those seeking undiscovered beaches and blissful hideaways which have maintained their local Mykonian culture and pristine beauty, seek no further than our list below. 

Fragia Beach 


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Situated next to Tsagari Beach, Fragia Beach is only reachable by sea.  It is one of the most remote beaches on the island with crystal clear blue waters and a picture perfect setting.  

 Merchia Beach

Merchia beach

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One of the most remote areas on the island, this tiny beach is tucked away in the northeastern side of Mykonos. Located 12 kilometers from Mykonos Town, the Merchia Beach remains natural and authentic as there is no trace of organized facilities. Stay here until the sunrise and watch the fishermen’s houses and the chapel of St. Nicholas twinkle in the dark.

 Myrsini Beach 

Myrsini beach

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 Located 12 kilometers north of Mykonos Town, close to Fokos Beach, this small and serene beach is a paradise for solitude seekers. With its emerald green waters and thick sand, it is popular among nudists. 


Tigani Beach


Far from the crowds and civilization, this eastern beach is a favorite for those looking for a remote escape by the sea. There are no houses or accommodation in the area, just the natural beach and coves. Tigani Beach is a popular destination for boat parties, barbecue outings and fishing trips.  

Tsagari Beach 

Tsangari beach

Farther out after Lia beach and 13 kilometers from Mykonos Town, adventure seekers head to their ideal escape. The dirt road which leads to the beach is only accessible by foot or a 4×4 vehicle.

 Vathia Laggada Beach


This beach is for serious adventure lovers and can only be reached by a 4×4 vehicle. Located on the northeastern tip of the island, 15 kilometers from Mykonos Town, this sandy natural beach is one of the most secluded on Mykonos. 

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 Have you been to any of these top secret beaches of Mykonos? Let us know which one was your favorite by commenting below. 

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