The Secrets of Greek Wine: Enjoy a sip on Mykonos

A trip to Greece will not be complete without honoring some Greek wines. A country where wine is closely connected with the ancient culture and religion. From antiquity to the present day, the Greek sunshine and tradition-rich terroir has produced some of the finest grape varieties. We recently sat down with Konstantinos Lavidas, manager of Wine Room Mykonos to discover the secret of enjoying a sip on Mykonos. A walking wine encyclopaedia himself — when you ask Konstantinos about wine, be prepared to talk great lengths about how the 5 senses come in motion when you drink wine. 

Wine Room Mykonos

One of the most impressive wine stores on Mykonos, the Wine Room Mykonos has been in the wine industry for over 20 years (15 years on Mykonos). With a large and premium selection of wines, champagnes, spirits, beers, delicatessen and refreshments — it is here to cater to the most discerning connoisseurs. The store operates as retail and wholesale, catering to yachts, villas and special events.

Historical Data of Greek wines 

Historical data taken from: A Guide to the. Wines of Greece. By Konstantinos Lazarakis MW

  • Although there are no clear indications as to the exact time viniculture started in Greece, findings of crushed grapes near the ancient town of Philippi (dated 6500 years ago) are the earliest indication of viticulture in Europe.
  • The Greeks developed a philosophy of life in which wine played a dominant part.
  • Archeological excavations at the prehistoric settlement in Dikili Tash in Northern Greece provide the earliest evidence for wine making in Europe (4400 BC).
  • Ancient writers, such as Homer and Hesiod, mention well known ancient wines by name and describe the delights offered by drinking wine.
  • Hippocrates, who was considered the father of medicine, made suggestions concerning the quantity and way to consume wine so that one could take advantage of its beneficial properties.
  • Wine was the centerpiece of the Greeks’ religious life as was expressed to the god of wine Dionysus.

Some Interesting Facts about Greek wines

A wine-producing country with a history which dates back for thousands of years, Greece has many different indigenous grape varieties (about 300) both white and red.

Greek wines offer the consumers a possibility to taste and explore a wide range of diverse styles, different to any other wine style in the world. The successful blend of the Greek varieties with the well-known international grape varieties make it easier for the foreign wine consumer to taste Greek wines.

The diverse climate conditions  all over the country, the soil and all the factors which define “terroir” give to the produced wines a unique identity and character through the different and special fruity, floral, mineral, botanical… aromas and taste.

Greek wines can be enjoyed also as an aperitif or in cocktails and can match perfectly with all the different cuisines.

We’ve asked Konstantinos to select some of his favorite Greek wines and pairing, which you will find as follows.

Greek favorite wines and pairing

White Wine

  • Assyrtiko, Santo Wines (variety Assyrtiko, region Islands-Santorini) matches perfectly with fish and seafood
  • Malagousia, Ktima Gerovassiliou (variety Malagousia, region Northern Greece) matches perfectly with white meat, pork, poultry

Enjoy delicious seafood at Villa Hurmuses

Rose Wine

  • Akres rose, Domaine Skouras (variety Agiorgitiko, region Southern Greece) goes excellent with salads, platter with cold cuts and cheese

Myconian louza and cheeses

  • Rose, Alpha Estate (variety Xinomavro, region Northern Greece) goes excellent with pasta in tomato sauce, pizza, exotic cuisine

  • A-Muse Rose, Muses Estate (variety Mouchtaro & Sauvignon blanc, region Central Greece) goes excellent with salads, pizza, salmon

Red Wine

  • Nemea, Estate Gaia (variety Agiorgitiko, region Southern Greece) matches with red grilled meat, moussaka, steak
  • Terre et ciel, Thimiopoulos Vineyards (variety Xinomavro, region Northern Greece) matches with fillet, lamb, sausages

Sparkling Wine

  • Villa Amalia, Estate Tselepos (variety Moschofilero, region Southern Greece) as an aperitif, with white fruit salads, fruit pies
  • Akakies, Kir-Yianni (variety Xinomavro, region Northern Greece) as an aperitif, with red fruit salads, fruit pies

Sweet Wine

  • Samos Grand Cru, Samos (variety Muscat, region Islands-Samos) dessert wine with sweets with syrup, crème brûlée
  • Vinsanto, Domaine Sigalas (variety Assyrtiko, region Islands-Santorini) dessert wine with chocolate sweets, caramel sauce


Wine Tasting at Villa Hurmuses

A wine tasting at Villa Hurmuses is a great opportunity to discover the rich world and history of Greek wines. The choices of wine pairings are many and equally interesting. At Villa Hurmuses we also cultivate our own olive trees and our olives make for ideal accompaniments.  

Want to learn more about the secrets of the Greek wine? We’ll be happy to arrange for a private wine tasting at the villa.

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