The Best Yoga Retreat in Mykonos:  Journey to Awareness

Mykonos is a place of tranquility. The island’s idyllic setting makes it a great option for the most relaxing of wellness retreats. That’s why we work with carefully selected yoga and health practitioners to offer the best villa yoga retreat in Mykonos.    

Our Journey to Awareness Yoga and Healing Retreat is organized through Elena Kuerten of Maison Aletheia. Lucy Hamel and Diony Podara are the practitioners delivering the retreat.  Lucy has experience as a personal trainer, rebirthing breathworker, yoga instructor and reiki practitioner. Diony is a physiotherapist who lives on Mykonos, and is also skilled in alternative therapies.

We sat down with the retreat’s practitioners to ask them about their love for Mykonos and how their yoga and healing practices tie perfectly with the setting at Villa Hurmuses.

What makes Mykonos so special for you to lead on the island? And what about Villa Hurmuses?

Diony: The energy and atmosphere of Villa Hurmuses is positive and serene. The villa offers a beautiful view. The owners are great.  As for the staff, I’d say they are all excellent. In a few words: efficient friendly and great cooks.

Lucy: Mykonos is special. I brought my son here. Taking walks in winter holds a special place in my heart. What Diony and I offer is an insider’s view of the magic this island holds. There is something energetic in the rocks of this place.  We are able to show off some places that the average tourist may never see. Keep in mind, there are endless sea views and an endlessly colorful sky. That combination around you is very freeing. We are blessed.   As for Villa Hurmuses, the place itself captures all of the energy of Mykonos and more.  It is a home and you will know that the minute you enter. It is totally about feeling cared for and you experience that in abundance at the villa.

What do you think make the retreats program so unique? Have you got an insider tip to share with people who may be interested to join?

Lucy: This retreat is offering a number of tools that a person can use at home.  Many times we can come back from a retreat and we’re refreshed and in great admiration of our teachers. My intention on these retreats is to have each person return home with great admiration of one’s self.  I want each person to find insights about their life and the incredible possibilities that are always on offer if we are open to them. Sometimes the mind sets limits on us. Our feeling of being trapped shows up in our life or body. This retreat is about giving each person an improved clarity and energy while feeling supported. Before the retreat it’s very helpful to review how you got your opinions about life and yourself. Speak to people you grew up with or who you know now. I send out a list of questions two weeks before the retreat to help participants get started.

Diony: I strongly believe from my 25 years as a practitioner that a lot of our issues about who we are a result of our early childhood, our programming, experiences and our DNA.   This all can have a great impact on our physical, emotional and spiritual body.  Utilizing breath work, yoga, energy and various physical techniques like cranial sacral massage can have a very deep, life changing experience — if someone is ready.  These techniques can also simply enhance one’s efforts to reach a better understanding of self. I feel the combination of the two is very complementary and dynamic.  Plus, we offer the added benefits of a beautiful setting, friendly and efficient staff, and some delicious, healthy options as suggested by a nutritionist.

In your experience, why is breathing so important? Can you share with potential guests how yoga and breath work can help?

Lucy: There are an incredible number of ways that both yoga and breath work can vitalize. The beauty of a retreat is having the opportunity to immerse yourself without any distractions. In such a caring environment, it’s so much easier to sense the healing effects. We increase strength, the ability to concentrate, awareness, oxygen capacity, memory, imagination, detoxification, power, flexibility, emotional release (making space for clear energy), create intention and manifest. Really, the list is endless.

What is the restorative practice?
Lucy: A restorative practice holds simple poses in stillness. We may be quiet active during some parts of our day and to move into stillness at sunset, which brings awareness. In restorative practice we will use props such as pillows to feel supported and comforted. Relaxing seems so simple, yet our bodies are so attuned to “doing things” for us.  Due to that, you may think you are relaxing and then find you are still furrowing your brows (have humor with yourself). You will see. Each day you will find more comfort in slowing down.
What are intuitive games?

Lucy:  I totally love games. Bringing simple play into a retreat can bring on childhood memories as well as that intuition that you were born with. I don’t want to say too much about this!  I prefer a few surprises.  Games hold imagination.


What kind of massage do you recommend?

Diony: What I recommend to my clients is first to figure out what they feel like they need. The treatment is tailor made for each client’s needs each time. I usually recommend an energetic check first.  That can be combined with different styles and depths massage, cranial, foot massage trigger points for example.  It can have a medical intent to address specific problems or just a relaxation massage.

Thanks, Lucy, and Diony.  We look forward to the next wonderful retreat with you.

The Journey to Awareness Yoga and Healing Retreat at Villa Hurmuses

May 14 – 20, 2016
Contact us at Villa Hurmuses or for more details.


  1. Leila Edring

    Dear Diony
    I came across your name whilst looking at yoga in Greece and your interest in wellness and health.
    I wanted to ask you if you have any connections you could recommend for holostic care at home for an elderly person who lives in Kalamata?
    I thank you.

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