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An Insider's Guide to Mykonos

Top Reasons to rent Villa Hurmuses in Mykonos

If you have been dreaming of traveling again – and who hasn’t?! – you may want to consider something really special – your own private villa in Mykonos. This Cycladic gem of an island is one of the most famous destinations in the world, and there are hundreds of good reasons for that. Mykonos is truly a destination of unique charms, both traditional and cosmopolitan. The enchanting alleyways and amazing beaches draw visitors from across the globe. Continue Reading…

My Big Fat TODAY Wedding: Honeymoon in Mykonos

It’s official! My Big Fat TODAY Wedding couple Kaitlin and John West will honeymoon in Mykonos at Villa Hurmuses. In honor of the release of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 starring Nia Vardalos, NBC’s TODAY show joined forces with Universal Pictures to throw a “Big Fat” wedding celebration.

Married on the Move

The audience got to participate in the planning process of the first-ever ceremony “Married on the Move” which was broadcasted live from New York. The lucky couple who received this unusual wedding ceremony, Kaitlin Roseman and John West were selected by the audience, who also participated in selecting the gown, tux, flowers, wedding rings and many other aspects of their celebration.

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A luxury villa or a luxury hotel?

Some say luxury hotels have it all. Well, so do luxury villas.  For today’s discerning traveler, renting a luxury villa over booking a luxury hotel is the only choice. Here’s why a luxury villa is the best option for the ultimate getaway experience.


Luxury villas are designed to with comfort, privacy and the feeling of “coming home.” That means privacy is not restricted to just one room.  Private villas open up a whole beautiful property to enjoy, no matter what time of day. Private villas are the preferred option for honeymooners, families, friends, celebrities and anyone seeking a relaxing private getaway away from crowds and distractions. Continue Reading…