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Villa Hurmuses Mykonos Gets A New Look

As travel begins to slowly reconvene post-pandemic levels,  the global travel and tourism industry is on the cusp of a new era. The events following the recent global health crisis have most certainly redefined the way we travel. In the face of the new reality we at Villa Hurmuses saw the challenges as new opportunities to enhance your Mykonos villa experience. We took the downtime to pour more love into our family-owned villa – by giving it a new look so it can further enhance your stay on Mykonos. 

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Top Reasons to rent Villa Hurmuses in Mykonos

If you have been dreaming of traveling again – and who hasn’t?! – you may want to consider something really special – your own private villa in Mykonos. This Cycladic gem of an island is one of the most famous destinations in the world, and there are hundreds of good reasons for that. Mykonos is truly a destination of unique charms, both traditional and cosmopolitan. The enchanting alleyways and amazing beaches draw visitors from across the globe. Continue Reading…

20 + 17 Things We Love About Mykonos

As the year comes to a close, we want to share why we think Mykonos is the best Greek island.

 Things We Love About Mykonos 

 Our blog is dedicated to showcasing Mykonos in all its diversity, beauty and energy.  Each post has been special to share: a wonderful story, local expert advice or inspirational ideas.


 To end 2016, we have complied our list which encompasses the best ideas and inspiration behind our posts.  We are looking forward to 2017.  So, here are 20 + 17 Things We Love About Mykonos.  Continue Reading…

The Cozy Corners at Villa Hurmuses

When on holidays everyone needs some alone time. To calm down, unwind and simply give your mind the room to wander. At Villa Hurmuses you will find plenty of cozy corners which will help you escape. Here is a sneak peak on what you can do while holidaying in your private villa on Mykonos.  Continue Reading…

Best Cocktails in Mykonos

There are many Mykonian venues that can claim they offer the best cocktails in Mykonos.  On this blog, we’re pointing out our favorites.

If you just feel like exploring the cocktail bar scene on the island famous for its nightlife, start out in the main town of Chora.  There you can find a large selection of trendy venues along the main pedestrian streets. There are even some tucked away in its little stone pathways.  The great thing about Mykonos is that there are nightlife options for everyone.  Continue Reading…

4 Traditional Greek Salads to Try in Greece

One of the most popular dishes visitors ask for in Greece is a salad. In fact, the Greek salad has become a is favorite around the world.  While you are in Greece, there are an array of traditional Greek salads to try.  Not only are they healthy and fresh, they are simply delicious. Continue Reading…

Planning a Villa Wedding in Mykonos | Part 2

When couples research where to host the perfect island wedding many opt for a villa wedding in Mykonos.

Greece’s beautiful island scenery has proven to be the perfect backdrop for a wedding event. Think of the elegant whitewashed historic walls of the old town or the idyllic pristine beaches.

The one issue that we explained in the first part of our “Planning a Villa Wedding in Mykonos” blog series is that many optimistic couples run into bureaucratic headaches.  Total control of a wedding event is possible, however, at a beautiful spacious whitewashed traditional Mykonian villa. It has proven to be a simple yet elegant solution. If the wedding party is small enough, friends and family can stay in the same luxurious place but with enough privacy and freedom to do what each group wants. Furthermore, staying at a lovely spacious villa gives even more precious time for the bride and groom to mingle with loved ones that have traveled near and far to be with them on their big day.  Continue Reading…