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Villa Kitchen Hightlights: Moussaka

For all of you foodies out there, enjoying Greece’s famous dishes is just one reason to visit Greece and that includes savoring a classic moussaka recipe.

At Villa Hurmuses, we embrace the unique Greek food culture and we can help you learn to eat like a Greek! Our classic moussaka recipe includes basic ingredients. However, like every recipe at Villa Hurmuses, Ana Marie uses her secret techniques and above all applies her passion for cooking to create a delicious dishes for our guests. Continue Reading…

4 Traditional Greek Salads to Try in Greece

One of the most popular dishes visitors ask for in Greece is a salad. In fact, the Greek salad has become a is favorite around the world.  While you are in Greece, there are an array of traditional Greek salads to try.  Not only are they healthy and fresh, they are simply delicious. Continue Reading…

Christmas Food in Greece

Like other holidays in Greece, food is a central part of the celebration. Traditional Christmas food can be found throughout the country on Greek family tables from the mainland to right here in Mykonos.

“The holidays” in Greece is a longer period than just Christmas Day.  For Greek Orthodox Christians, it is the period of Christmas, New Year and Epiphany.

The Main Christmas Dish

When families sit down for a delicious home cooked Christmas dinner, the main course is typically roasted pork. In recent years, many families also opt instead for a Christmas turkey which is a popular main dish in other countries.   However, the real tradition all over Greece is having pork.  In fact, the hog slaughter called hoirosphagia in Greek, is a winter event, including on our island of Mykonos.  Due to this long standing tradition, feasting on a pork meal on this significant holiday has become the natural choice as the traditional meat of the winter season. Continue Reading…