Spending Christmas on Mykonos

Mykonos during the Christmas holidays isn’t anything like the summer.  There is a calm jolly vibe among those that spend winter on the island.

Christmas on Mykonos

The truth is the summer season is when Mykonos shines.  Along with the energy our visitors bring, there is so much to do outdoors in the glorious weather. However, winter brings on its own quiet and reflective atmosphere on the island. It’s a slow time and a wonderful time, too.  The local community always organizes things to do that offer a feeling of community spirit and holiday cheer.


Here are some things to do while spending Christmas on Mykonos this year:

Children’s Christmas Events on Mykonos


  • Thursday 15 December. The Mykonos Municipal Library hosts a children’s book reading with Eva Nikiforous. Activities for the little ones!
  • Saturday December 17th. Christmas musical show by the Municipal Music School at Grypario Cultural Center
  • Wednesday 28 December. Children’s Christmas show of narrated action tales with live music featuring Maria Terzakis.
  • Friday 30 December. The KDEPPAM and the Association of Women will hold a children’s show at the community center in Ano Mera Square.


Go for a Winter Swim

Yes, the water is cooler than the rest of the year… but that doesn’t stop locals from getting in the Greek sea for a refreshing holiday dip!


Walk the Deserted Beaches

Take a reflective walk on the many gorgeous beaches the island is blessed with.  Come summer, many of these beaches are packed. Winter beach walks are a whole other world!

For a list of our favorite beaches check out our earlier posts: Top Family Friendly Beaches in Mykonos and Most Relaxing Beaches in Mykonos

Check out the Local Christmas Island Décor

Yes, you’ll see Christmas trees but Greece has its own special holiday symbol. See how many karavakia (Christmas boats) you can spot!  Greece was an ancient maritime country, the decoration of the traditional fishing boat dates back to when many Greeks were working at sea.  This is a tradition from our very own island.


Eat Christmas Food and Greek Christmas Cookies

Like other holidays in Greece, food is a central part of the celebration. Traditional Christmas food can be found throughout the country on Greek family tables from the mainland to right here in Mykonos.  Check out our earlier post: Christmas Food in Greece


Since winter is the slow season, don’t expect the hotspots you know in the summer to be open. Most businesses are closed for the season. However, there are places still open to eat delicious Greek food. Do call in advance to be sure of hours of operation.

Eateries open in Mykonos Town during the holidays:  Captains, Vengera, Madoupas

Eateries open outside Mykonos Town during the holidays: Bati (Plati Yialos Road), Liberty (Periferiakos), Pikantiki Goneia (Plati Yialos Road), Daniele (Ano Mera), DeCote (Ano Mera)

Attend the Christmas Carols

On the first of the year, traditional New Year’s Day carols will be sung at the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani.  11 am.

Go to the Vasilopita Cake Ceremony

After the aforementioned New Year’s Day carols, Mykonos Town Hall is hosting the cutting of the vasilopita in Ano Mera Square. 12 pm.


The vasilopita, a round cake, is the Greek New Year’s cake and it is actually deep rooted traditional food from the Greek Orthodox church.  On the first of the year, there is a special ceremony among family and separately among a group, community or organization.  The vasilopita is cut to honor the Holy Father Basil the Great, hence the name vasilopita.

Other Mykonos Island Christmas Events and Happenings

Around the island, a few privately organized panagiri (church celebrations) take place on the island.  They are held at various churches that are dedicated to saints that have saint days during the months of December and January including St. Stefanos, St. Basil and others.


Some families also put together a traditional xeirosfigia which is a day-long ceremony and generations-old traditional Greek ritual of slaughtering and preparing a pig.

Other Christmas on Mykonos Tips:

For more on what the Mykonos City Hall and the Women’s Organization is organizing this year check out this public flyer (in Greek).


Also, not there is no public transport to get around so a car is necessary.  Buses only run for the school children.  Taxis are usually off for the holidays.

Have you ever spent Christmas on Mykonos or a Greek island?

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