Souvenirs from Mykonos: With Love from Greece

Part of spending a wonderful holiday on Mykonos is bringing back souvenirs from Mykonos!  To help you during your big trip to our island, we compiled a list of the best gifts to take home.

Souvenirs from Mykonos — Greek Gift Ideas

The Mykonos Windmills

Mykonos is also known as the “island of the winds.” One of the most recognized landmarks are the Windmills of Mykonos. They were built next to the sea to take advantage of the island’s strong winds. A miniature replica of this historical andmark is available to purchase as a gift. You will also find it on magnets, plates, candle holders and among other souvenirs. 


Petros the Pelican


Well, you can’t take him home. He is the most important celebrity on Mykonos — he is a star and he knows it. However, you can buy a stuffed toy version of the island’s mascot in one of the numerous tourist shops in Mykonos Town. 


Greek Cats 


Greek stray cats are quite memorable characters for many first time visitors to Greece and even for locals! Just like Petros the Pelican, you can’t take a cat home but you can buy an adorable Greek island cat themed bag, T-shirt or towel.  


Evil Eye Jewelry and Charms


Greeks are quite superstitious and swear by the mati which is also known as the “evil eye.” The evil eye can be brought up by anyone who is jealous or envious, affecting someone’s good fortune or luck. When on holidays in Greece, you will likely notice necklaces, bracelets and charms that feature a big blue eye design. The evil eye is one of the most popular souvenirs from Mykonos which you can buy.


Mykonian Sandals 


Traditional Mykonian handmade leather sandals are a wonderfully stylish and useful gift. They come in different colors and sizes and are available for men, women and kids alike. Some are adorned with decorative designs and other are plain leather. For the fashionista in your life, these sandals are the perfect accessory for a Greek goddess look.



Myconian Shawls


Nikoleta Xidakis, who is one of the two remaining weavers on the island, is dedicated to keeping traditional weaving traditions on Mykonos alive. In her little shop located in Little Venice you can buy handmade items such as wool shawls which she has handmade herself.


Local Mykonos Products


Every Greek island is known for producing its own local food products. Mykonos is famous for a dry cured ham known as louza. Other Greek products which you might like to take back home are honey, olive oil, ouzo, wine and herbs. Greek herbs are especially popular and used in cooking, so you might like to buy some oregano, rosemary or laurels. For a special and flavorful Greek tea, look out for tsai tou vounou, a herb that grows in mountainous landscapes. 


Postcard from Mykonos 

In today’s digital age, we have forgotten what’s it like to receive a postcard in the mail. So, send one to your friends and family signed with love from Greece!

What kind of souvenirs do you buy when traveling? Knowing what souvenirs from Mykonos to buy, will definitely leave you more time to enjoy the beach. 

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