Scenic Dining Experiences on Mykonos

On Mykonos, summer is the season for foodies. Our island boasts some of the most scenic restaurants in Europe with standout menus and jaw-dropping scenery.

6 Dining Experiences on Mykonos which you should try

When the weather is warm and inviting, visitors can experience food with Mykonos flair. Think beach barbecuing, outdoor dining and delicious island happenings.

Tasos Taverna

For all the foodies out there, we have rounded up our choice of the best dining experiences on Mykonos. Read on to find out.


Taverna on the Beach

Tasos Taverna

Having lunch or dinner with your feet in the sand sounds tempting, right? This is the beauty of experiencing local dining and wining when holidaying on a Greek island. You get the fantastic view, delicious food and a taste of authentic Greek hospitality. Some of our favorites are: Fokos Taverna, Kiki’s, Tasos Taverna and Joanna and Niko’s Place, just to name a few.


Fine Dining on Mykonos

Greece is known for its breathtaking settings and Mykonos is no exception. A feast for all the senses awaits in one of the exquisite fine-dining restaurants some of which are found at the seaside resorts and others hidden inside the charming alleys of Mykonos Town. One of our favorites is located at Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge, just a few steps from our Villa Hurmuses. Not only does the award-winning restaurant have dazzling views of the sparkling infinity pool and the Aegean Sea, it’s also has a talented culinary team that elevates Mediterranean cuisine to an art form.


Have a Souvlaki

If you are short on time and looking for a delicious, fast and economical meal then you must have a souvlaki. The Greek souvlaki is the king of street food. Wrapped in a warm pita bread, filled with freshly cut pieces of meat and topped with ingredients of your choice like tomatoes, fries, onions and tzatziki (cucumber, yogurt and garlic sauce) of course. Who said food must be complicated? Sometimes simple food is the best food.


Picnic on a Beach

A romantic evening stroll on the beach, the gentle sound of the waves and the starry Mykonian sky are just some of the ingredients for a perfect picnic. Looking for a whimsical dining experience? Let us plan your ultimate picnic on a beach.


Culinary Delights at Villa Hurmuses

It’s no secret that Ana Marie is a fantastic cook. At Villa Hurmuses, you are guaranteed to taste some of the finest recipes prepared with organically grown vegetables from our own home-garden. Our own Ernesto tends to it with much love and care. Once at Villa Hurmuses, you can enjoy the privacy of your own villa without having to leave your cozy love nest.

Yacht Dining

If you are looking for a more glamorous culinary escape to celebrate a special occasion or simply just want to spoil yourself, then a yacht dining trip should top your list of things to do on Mykonos. Eat, swim and enjoy the sea breeze!



Do you have any memorable dining experiences on Mykonos which you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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