Relaxation Series: Eating Healthy on Mykonos

Healthy and delicious food is part of the Mediterranean Retreat experience at Villa Hurmuses. Here’s why…

Cooking Class at Villa Hurmuses

In planning the Mediterranean Retreat at our villa, we wanted to not only incorporate the importance or rest, relaxation and tuning into the mind, body and spirit — but also include the importance of good food.  On Mykonos, there is plenty of that. It is fresh, delicious and healthy. That’s why learning how to cook a special Mediterranean or Greek dish is woven into the agenda.


Our own Ana Marie is an expert in cooking Greek dishes and serves our guests healthy meals that use local ingredients when possible. She will be preparing her special Aegean Breakfast in the mornings to help kick start your island day with a healthy start.


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Greek Island, Healthy Dining

During your stay on Mykonos, you’ll experience some fantastic dishes and products when dining out, lounging at the villa or just walking through Mykonos Town and being tempted by what others are eating.

While you are on Mykonos, you’ll try mezes.  These are savory appetizing, bite-size portions of traditional Greek food. They often come in the form of dips or small dishes. These plates are served in small portions and eaten leisurely with a nice glass of wine, Greek liquor or beer. They can also be ordered as appetizers before the start to a traditional taverna meal. For more about mezes, visit our earier post: Top Greek Mezes to Try on Mykonos.

Seafood dishes are another healthy and fantastic must-try option on Mykonos. After all, we are surrounded by the Aegean Sea. For more on the fantastic seafood plates on the island visit our earlier post: 5 Seafood Dishes to Try on Mykonos.

Healthy Greek Foods to Experience

Other healthy foods you’ll try will include a traditional Greek salad called horiatiki which consists of tomato, cucumber, Feta cheese, onion and olives. It is doused in very healthy local Greek olive oil.

While on Mykonos, you can try the in-season fruits of Greece. Greeks love to eat fruit in season.  Fresh figs, watermelon, oranges and apples are all wonderful to have either cut up for a snack or for a sweet ending to your meal. Another healthy food highlight is Greek yoghurt. Thick, creamy and delicious, it is typically served with Greek honey. Honey is yet another Greek island staple that is delicious and nutritious – not to mention tasty.

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When you go on a holiday, do you like to eat healthy?

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