Relaxation Series: Relax and Retreat on a Greek Island

A wellness retreat on the Greek islands isn’t complete without relaxation therapies. Here’s more on how guests will relax and retreat at our upcoming Mediterranean Retreat.

Relax and Retreat at Villa Hurmuses

In part three of our Relaxation Series, we sit down with our own Diony Podara. She’s in charge of offering wonderful therapy treatments for our guests.

Since 1991, Diony has run her own physiotherapy and alternative therapy practice on Mykonos.  Diony has been a featured speaker at numerous wellness conferences around the world including the Inner IDEA Wellness Convention in Palm Springs, California. She is also the proud author of Your Body Speaks to You. Listen! which focuses on the simple yet complex relationship between physical health and mental health.

We asked her about the relaxation program that makes the Mediterranean Retreat special.

VH: The Retreat has much to do with the holistic experience. Explain what that is.

Diony Podara: I see a holistic experience as an opportunity. It is a time for someone to have to himself or herself. I define it as some quality time away from the daily rush of life, life’s problems and the usual program. It is the chance to look at oneself as a whole person. It’s a chance to look deeper into the mind, body and spirit connection utilizing various techniques from yoga, personal training, massage, or even through discussion and different type of energy work such as energy reiki or therapy breath work.

VH: What kind of therapies will you be performing at the wellness retreat at the villa?

Diony Podara: The type of therapies I would recommend include a combination of musculoskeletal therapies, including relaxing massages that use various essential oil aromatherapy. This kind of therapy is ideal for anyone who wants to pay attention to any problematic areas on their body. I also highly recommend an energy check-up in combination with a massage.

I really believe that it’s very important for the client to choose from a different variety of things depending on what his/her personal needs are.

Guests can also choose from aromatherapy, Swedish, deep tissue, massage reflexology or craniosacral therapy which is a gentle form of bodywork or alternative therapy using gentle touch that aims to balance one’s energies.

VH: Why is it important for people to “retreat?”

Diony Podara:I believe it’s very important for people to have a retreat to simply afford themselves an opportunity to leave the stresses of the daily life. It is so important to offer one’s body, mind and spirit the chance to recuperate and relax.

VH: From a wellness practitioner’s perspective, how is Mykonos a special place to experience a wellness retreat?

Diony Podara: I live on Mykonos, so I know the island incredibly well and I have to say that the light of Mykonos is truly special. The energy of Mykonos is so positive. The landscape is stunning. Then, it’s just amazing to call the Villa home for some time. All of those elements together, I think, is just perfect for offering the right type of atmosphere to help travelers relax and retreat.

Pool area, Villa Hurmuses, Mykonos, Greece. Website:

Mykonos and Villa Hurmuses together is a combination of exactly what people need in order to recharge their batteries. Spring is the best time of the year as well.

VH: Any advice for those who want to experience a wellness retreat in the future but may be hesitating?

I have been a professional physiotherapist for more than 25 years, so I know about wellness treatments and such — but from a personal perspective I have found that it is critical we give a gift of relaxation time to ourselves. Our bodies and our minds should have that opportunity once in a while to let go of various things that we hold onto – such as stress – so we can move and and be better for the future.

If there is any place in the world where a wellness retreat could offer a perfect combination of place, atmosphere, food and hospitality, I’d say t has to be Greece. In Greece, Mykonos is one of the most special places to visit.

VH: Thanks, Diony!

For more about the upcoming Mediterranean Retreat at Villa Hurmuses, visit our recent blog post Villa Hurmuses Hosts its Spring Mediterranean Retreat on Mykonos.




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