Planning a Villa Wedding in Mykonos

Couples choose Mykonos to have the perfect island wedding.  Many take it a step further and opt for a villa wedding in Mykonos to make their big day even more special.

Greece’s beautiful island scenery are often envisioned as the perfect backdrops for a wedding. Think of the ancient walls of island towns or the beaches the islands are famous for.  However, many run into bureaucratic headaches.  Having total control of a wedding event at a beautiful spacious whitewashed traditional Mykonian villa is simple.  For many smaller weddings, friends and family can stay in the same luxurious place but with enough privacy and freedom to do what each group wants. Furthermore, there’s ample time for the bride and groom to mingle with their loved ones that have traveled near and far to be with them on their wedding day. 

Villa Hurmuses has been the choice for many beautiful wedding moments. In preparation for the wedding day, many guests have reached out to local wedding expert Margarita Samanoglou of Dream Weddings Mykonos. She offers consulting, planning and coordinating services.  This interview is the first in our special blog series called “Planning a Mykonos Wedding.”


Below, we asked Margarita about her experience in planning the perfect private villa wedding in Mykonos.

Why do you think private villas are becoming popular wedding venues? 

Private villas offer to a couple privacy and exclusivity to an event. Villas offer a combination of accommodation and luxury services.

Boutique style weddings, are they the next big thing in Mykonos? 

Small intimate weddings are indeed ideal for villa weddings. When there is a small number of guests for an event that is carefully planned and organized, the couple experiences a unique sense of luxury and elegance.

Do couples who choose to get married in Mykonos look into incorporating the Mykonian character into their wedding?  

Yes, also the Greek character in general!  Couples request to have Greek dishes on their menu. They choose to offer to their guests Greek products for a wedding favor.  This would include, for example, the evil eye beaded bracelet for ladies and a komboloi, traditional Greek worry beads, for the men. They also offer Greek and Mykonian products in welcome bags.  This could include Mykonian almond based traditional desserts, a bottle of olive oil, a jar of local honey or famous Greek liquors such as ouzo or mastiha in mini bottles. Couples also like to incorporate the Greek way of entertainment in their wedding party, so they choose Greek bands, traditional Greek dancers and end up smashing plates.


What has been your most memorable wedding so far and why? 

There are many to choose from!  I’d like to say that the most memorable weddings are the ones in which the couple and the guests are so overwhelmed that they are in Mykonos together.  Sometimes, people travel from all over the world to join the couple and the wedding becomes a meeting point for family and friends. It becomes a beautiful reunion. The love and the appreciation flows in the air. I have to say that it is wonderful to be a part of that!



Thank you for this insight into planning a villa wedding in Mykonos and more.  Stay tuned next month for our next “Planning a Mykonos Wedding” post. It will take a look at some great tips to planning a perfect island wedding.

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