Mykonos Vioma Winery: A Local Food and Wine Experience

In the heart of Mykonos, a small family-run vineyard in Ano Mera offers an authentic Greek countryside experience.  The Mykonos Vioma Winery has been producing organic wine for more than 20 years.  Guests of Villa Hurmuses love visiting this local winery and farm that loves Greek tradition, organic food and amazing wine.

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We sat down with owner Nikos Asimomytis to learn more about their organic products and more about what the unique Mykonos winery continues to offer our guests.

Tell us about the vision behind Mykonos Vioma and how you started offering genuine Mykonian experiences to the visitors?

​The beautiful landscape itself “urges” you to live a more natural life. Apart from that, our life vision has always been about escaping the city buzz and connecting to what the land offers. Returning to my homeland and making my hobby my profession is a dream come true of mine.

When we welcome guests they tell us that they love the peaceful and relaxing environment, one that is off of the beaten track. Our friendly dogs and give them a warm welcome.  Our cat sits with them, purring and enjoying the sunshine.  Marika, our donkey, strolls in between the vines.

What can a visitor experience at Mykonos Vioma? 

​One can simply visit us! A visit is free of charge.  Come to enjoy the landscape, the company of our four-legged friends and relax under the sound of classical music while the island breeze moves the vine leaves around you. Sometimes, I must admit, Marika the Donkey’s voice might disturb the peace. She does try to attract our guests’ interest from time to time and win some treats. 😉

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​We offer various tastings including wine, honey and local products. You can also take one of our guided bicycle tours. From time to time we host different events too.

Together with Paraportiano (our white and red dry wines) and Heliophilos (our desert wine), visitors can taste fresh, local, traditional products and get a true taste of Mykonos.

Our guided bicycle tours, called Yummy Pedals, offer an escape to Mykonos’ rural areas. There are pristine, non-touristic beaches on the bike tour agenda. The tours are addressed to all levels of riders. There are a variety of trails to choose from.

Of course, after a bike ride, most people love to schedule in a wine tasting. That seems like the best way to end the tour!

Is there a tradition that you have carried on in your family, which you share with your guests? 

​For one, the name we chose for our family winery is vioma. In Greek, the word translates to life experience. Wine producing is a tradition in our family.  Our family has always been producing wine for family consumption.

When we serve our guests our delicious louza, also known as Mykonian prosciutto, we explain the culture and tradition behind how it is made. The tradition is called hirosfagia. That word literally translates to pig slaughter.

During the Yummy Pedals bike riding tours around the island, my daughter Dimitra explains to the to the riders why we have so many family owned churches on the island and the traditions related to those churches.

Our goal at Vioma is bringing our guests closer to Mykonian tradition. That is why we always relay our cherished traditions and images from the past.

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Give us three reasons what makes your wines special? 

  • ​They are produced with love and not for profits.
  • The vines grow “listening” to classical music. With the music, the vines “feel” happy to produce the best wine.
  • No chemicals or pesticides are used. Our animals provide the necessary manure that, in combination to other natural materials like egg shells and straw, makes the best natural and efficient fertilizer.

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Do you think it is possible to extend the tourism season in Mykonos? Is it something that you are working towards at Mykonos Vioma?

​The weather conditions on the island during wintertime are not mild. So, although it is wishful thinking, I am not certain it is feasible!  At the vineyard, we don’t have the infrastructure to host official winter events or visits during the winter. We only have an open terrace. However, because our family lives on the island, we remain open to receive some guests, weather permitting, even when other business is officially closed.

What feedback do you get from your guests? Are they interested in discovering alternative sides to the island other than the famous party scene which Mykonos is known for?

​Social media provides our guests’ feedback. They speak of relaxation, family-run business and welcoming environment, good service, good quality food and delicious wines. It seems people are intrigued by the wonderful comments that previous guests have left for us and as a result, they often decide to discover this side of Mykonos’ life as well. Additionally, their participation in our bike tours prove people have an interest in alternative activities, exercise and contact with nature and local life.

Our guests are not only foreigners. Local school children visit us for environmental education. Local artists use our tables as a canvas and our landscape as inspiration. Our events are sometimes dedicated to environmental protection and other land, nature and well-being events.

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Give us three traditional dishes that a guest should try at Mykonos Vioma.

  • The cheese plate with Mykonian cheese called kopnasti and aged Gruyere served with our local honey or homemade jam.
  • Louza are traditional Mykonian ham slices.
  • They can also be served with honey and for desert kalathaki is a traditional Mykonian almond and cinnamon dessert.

Thank you for the interview, Nikos!


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