Mykonos to Syros: What to See in Ermoupoli

Thinking of heading on a day trip from Mykonos to Syros? Syros’ beautiful port town of Ermoupoli will definitely be on your agenda.

Sightseeing Trip: Mykonos to Syros

For another glimpse of the Cycladic islands, you just need to head west of Mykonos. There, you’ll encounter the beautiful neighboring island of Syros which is considered one of the most elegant destinations in the Cyclades. It has its own charm, character and feel.

Many of our guests who have time to explore the nearby destinations opt for renting a boat or yacht to explore it. Syros’ picturesque port town of Ermoupoli also happens to be the Cyclades’ capital and a wonderful place to plan on visiting.  Here are our top picks for what to see in Ermoupoli.

What to See in Ermoupoli

Municipal Palace and Miaouli Square

Syros may be a neighboring “sister” island to Mykonos but you’ll find a difference in how Syros looks. Syros’s architecture stands out and is different from Mykonos’ traditional whitewashed architecture. The top sights, including the Municipal Palace and Miaouli Square, were designed by the famed 20th century European architect Ernst Ziller.  While you explore the interiors here, you’ll want to take in the detail.

Apollo Theater 

This beautiful sight is an example of how rich the cultural heritage of the island really is.  The Apollo Theater was created in 1864 by the Italian architect Pietro Sampo who was inspired by the La Scala in Milano, Italy.  Today, the Apollo Theater hosts cultural events, operas and shows. You may even be in Greece during the Festival of the Aegean.

Syros: Little Venice

Syros has its own Little Venice too!  Right by the rocky waterfront you can walk along the district known as the Little Venice of Syros. There you’ll find neoclassical buildings, scenic cafes and small docks where you can jump off and go for a swim.



See the Vaporia District

Near Miaouli Square, you’ll notice some truly elegant mansions that once belonged to the island’s wealthy shipowners. Some of them have been converted to boutique hotels.  While in this area of town check out Agios Nikolaos which is an impressive Orthodox church known for its murals, icons and chandeliers.

Visit the Industrial Museum

The wealth of Syros was acquired through the various businesses and industries that thrived on the island in the 19th– and 20th centuries. The Industrial Museum of Syros tells that story.

Explore Ano Syros

The northern part of Ermoupoli is called Ano Syros.  There are perfect panoramic views to take in here. Also stop by St. George, a Catholic cathedral, which is a historic church. There are many little shops, a whitewashed residential area that resembles the whitewashed towns of the Cyclades.  If you love music, the Vamvakaris Museum is great stop to learn about the famous patriarch of rembetika, a type of music often referred to as the Greek blues.

While visiting Mykonos, it is possible to island “hop” and see other islands within a day.  Would you like to see Syros island?

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