Mykonos Sailing Trip with Mykonos on Board

A Mykonos sailing trip is a great way to see our island including neighboring uninhabited isles, beautiful swimming coves and pristine hidden beaches.

Mykonos Sailing Trip

One of the best kinds of tours to plan for while visiting the Greek islands is a sailing excursion. Mykonos is no exception. There are many to choose from on Mykonos and we highly recommend Mykonos on Board.

Captain Artemios books a group for up to eight people on his sailing boat.  This ensures it is a more intimate experience.  It’s a perfect sized sailing boat to sunbathe, relax, have a drink and soak in the view.

Mykonos Sailing Trip – Delos

During the sailing trip, Captain Artemios makes a swimming stop in the azure waters off the coast of this quiet and mysterious island.  We also recommend visiting Delos for a whole day excursion to explore it by foot. You can check out our earlier posts about Delos here.

This little island was once a major religious center during ancient Greece. On a day visit there, you can see the island’s ruins which include Doric temples, markets, an amphitheater and villas with mosaics. It is also where the Terrace of the Lions statues stand in their marbled glory.  The Archaeological Museum of Delos displays artefacts from the site.

Mykonos Sailing Trip – Rhenia

Rhenia is another neighboring island that Captain Artemios heads to. This island is separated from Delos by a tiny strait.  Rhenia is incredibly rural and is only used as farmland today.  However, it was once an important place in ancient times. Back then, there was an ancient hospital on the island because no one could be born or die on the holy island of Delos.

Today, there are a few farmers who use tractors to get around the uninhabited island. These farmers commute from Mykonos.

During your Mykonos sailing trip, Rhenia’s beaches will be a beautiful escape from any summer beach crowds you might find on Mykonos.

Mykonos Sailing Trip

Captain Artemios and his crew member Leonidas also prepare a delicious lunch which is included in the price. Guests dine together on the boat, surrounded by turquoise seas.  Lunch includes freshly grilled meats, cool salads and Mediterranean veggies.

A Mykonos sailing trip offers it all from eating freshly prepared healthy Greek food, swimming in turquoise seas, relaxing at beautiful empty beaches to stopping off the shores of empty islands full of ancient history.

For more information contact Captain Artemios:

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