Mykonos Lifestyle Cooking by Teo Iliopoulos

Want to learn more about the Mykonian food culture and embark on a journey of exquisite tastes? Mykonos Lifestyle Cooking is a fascinating concept that introduces guests to authentic and traditional flavors of Mykonos.

 We sat down with the Founder, Teo Iliopoulos to get an insight on what inspired him to create Lifestyle Cooking and to find out about the bohemian beach cooking experience. Intrigued? Read on! 


Lifestyle Cooking — The ultimate food journey on Mykonos 

 What inspired you to create Lifestyle Cooking?

TI: I was inspired by the realization that basic authentic tastes and attitudes were gradually disappearing. I felt the need to preserve and promote the style of island life I was used to. Knowing that lots of people feel the same way, I decided to launch Lifestyle Cooking and share my experience with as many as possible.

You have been living on Mykonos for the past 20 years, how has the food culture on the island evolved? Can you say that the visitors’ tastes have changed and in what way?

 TI: The food culture on the island has definitely changed in the course of the last 20 years. We all learn a lot about food, have the chance to experience different flavors from all over the world and shape our own ideas and opinions about them. Still it is remarkable how despite all the input that we have, we also get to reappreciate what is traditional and genuine. The visitors of the island can nowadays find everything they would find somewhere else but at the same time get to taste the unique flavors and traditional recipes of Mykonos.


How would you describe Teo’s favorite meal?

 TI: My personal favorite meal is a seafood feast. It has a lot to do with the fact that everything on the table comes fresh from the sea and we catch it out ourselves. There is a special kind of primitive feeling to the fact that we get our own food and that brings along a unique satisfaction. Lobsters, sea urchins, clams and mussels are just some of the things we put on our table and we call it a seafood feast for a reason.


You offer a variety of Exclusive Experiences which guests may choose from, which one is your favourite and why?

 TI: Bohemian beach cooking without a doubt. It is my favorite because it is exactly what I represent, who I really am in my everyday life, what my philosophy is all about. It is an experience which brings you back in time, giving you a taste of the original Mykonos. It is something you can carry with you as a memory for a long time and will bring a smile on your face just like anything authentic and genuine does.

 If a visitor is looking to experience Mykonos off the beaten path, what would you recommend?

 TI: A boat tour around Mykonos to see the remote beaches and places you cannot drive to. A visit to the sacred island of Delos to feel that special vibe, also to the emerald waters of Rhenia island, ideally combined with a bohemian beach cooking experience.

Name your favourite ingredients which can be found on Mykonos?

 TI: Thyme, tomatoes, figs, prickly pears, and obviously everything the sea has to offer!

Any gastronomical highlights which visitors can experience in the Summer 2017? 

 TI: Many! Depending on the month there are various events going on. You will definitely hear about them once you are here!

 Have you experienced Lifestyle Cooking on Mykonos? If not, get in touch and book your ultimate food experience. 

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