LGBT Friendly Mykonos: Welcome to Mykonos

Greece is known for its hospitality and that includes LGBT travelers.

LGBT Friendly Mykonos

Greece may be a small Mediterranean country, but it is big on its hospitality and its beauty.  That’s very true on the island of Mykonos. At Villa Hurmuses, we’re proud that our island has come to be known as a global landmark of gay travel.

Our guests have told us that when they were planning the ultimate gay summer holiday, Mykonos came immediately to mind.

Here are 8 great reasons Mykonos has become so popular with gay travelers. 

  1. Mykonos has an “open mind.” The islanders have a gay-friendly attitude.
  2. For a popular Greek island destination Mykonos still manages to hold onto its traditional ways of life which is great to experience.
  3. Due to its popularity as a dream destination, locals are accustomed to greeting travelers from all over the world and that includes gay and lesbian travelers. There is no discrimination when it comes to genuine Mykonian hospitality.
  4. There is no such thing as an “unsafe” zone on Mykonos.  LGBT friendly Mykonos is just that, every spot on the island is safe.
  5. The LGBT nightlife scene on Mykonos is spectacular. There’s a reason it is one of the hottest destinations in the entire world to experience island nightlife. There are fantastic venues in Mykonos Town like Jackie O’, Babylon and the Piano Bar. 
  6. There are fantastic beach venues too like Jackie O’ on Super Paradise Beach.  You name it. There are sophisticated bistros, dance clubs, live music shows and cocktail venues that are all LGBT friendly.
  7. Mykonos has proven to be a perfect island destination for all types of LGBT travelers. If you are looking for a romantic setting, a cultural destination or just want to relax each day away at our villa – Mykonos fits the bill.
  8. Mykonos is famous for its beautiful beaches. There are all kinds to suit every beach lover.The main gay beach on Mykonos is Elia Beach.

Gay Friendly Mykonos at Villa Hurmuses

There’s no doubt Mykonos is a great destination for LGBT travelers. It’s a fun and exciting destination too thanks to new hot venues and restaurants opening every year.

Mykonos will continue to be one of the most cosmopolitan and welcoming destinations in Greece.  As a local business, we’re proud to support the LGBT community in Greece and around the world.

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