How to Avoid the Crowds in Mykonos 

Mykonos may be one of the most popular destinations in Greece – and with good reason. But not that you need to be in a crowd to enjoy this world-famous destination. In fact, the natural beauty, the beaches, the serenity, and the rich indigenous culture of Mykonos are all perhaps best savored alone and in small groups. Planned right, Mykonos is actually an ideal destination for a safe and secluded holiday. At a private holiday at the enchanting Villa Hurmuses, you can experience the best of Mykonos in safety and serenity.

Mykonos by Sea

The seas of the Cyclades, the view of the island, the secret coves, the iconic windmills, the sun glowing warm as it begins its descent over the Aegean – all of this can best be savored by boat.

On a private catamaran cruise, you can enjoy a luncheon on board while sailing around the sacred island of Delos and the little island of Rhenia, uninhabited and protected by the Natura 2000 network.

For a luxurious experience of the sea, a private yacht excursion can be anything you want it to be. Mykonos Sailing can design the ideal experience, taking you to the finest spots for a secluded swim. And they can even arrange a spectacular celebration if you have something special to commemorate.

For a little more action, how about Sea Kayaking? The untamed beauty of the shore is yours to explore, from secret coves and sea caves, unspoiled beaches, and rare rock formations. This can be a fantastic family adventure or a fun choice for a small group of friends, all at a safe distance from crowds. There are many watersports options on Mykonos that enable you to have an adventure while maintaining safe social distances. To really get away from the crowds, commune with the fish while learning to scuba dive in these magical waters.

Getting in Touch with Nature on Mykonos

The pristine nature of Mykonos inspires health and serenity – perfect antidotes to the stress and health concerns of the past months. One novel way to experience the island is by bicycle. Yummy Pedals is the perfect name for an innovative experience. A passionate Mykonos local shares the secrets of her island on organized small group bike tours. Our favorite ends at Mykonos’ only vineyard, where you can sample not just her fathers’ wines but also the excellent local products – an epicure’s delight (and so perfect after you have worked up an appetite).

The landscape of Mykonos, the sun and the sea, what could better inspire tranquility and harmony? Tap into that vibe with some yoga outdoors – especially by sunset or even sunrise. Experienced professionals can give yoga lessons right at the villa. Yoga can be followed by a professional massage.


A Secret Cycladic Swim

Of course, a holiday on Mykonos is not complete without some beach time. The island is filled with famous beaches… which of course everyone knows. But maybe you want something more secluded, and private, safe and serene. In that case, you’ll want to visit some of the secret beaches of Mykonos. 

Nourish Your Body, Nourish Your Spirit

Food on Mykonos is fantastic, an integral part of the authentic experience of the island. Your days at the can start out deliciously and authentically with a traditional breakfast at the Villa Hurmuses. Bacon and eggs? Yes, but Mykonos style – fresh from the hen. Or perhaps you would enjoy a savory zucchini pie – a local specialty that is magic in Ana Marie’s hands.

Fresh orange juice tastes like the sun itself, and local honey sweetens the thick yogurt that Greece is so famous for. Local preserves and bakery fresh bread and coffee as you like it (why not try a Greek coffee while you’re here?), round out the traditional offerings for a beautiful start to the day.

The Mediterranean diet is stylish and elegant, like everything else on Mykonos. But it is also thrillingly primitive. Get to know the secrets of local cuisine on a unique culinary adventure –  Teo’s Lifestyle Cooking is an experience for epicures, nature-lovers, and people who hunger for authentic culture. Beachside cooking and learning about traditional foods is a vital and primitive experience that will forever make the island part of your soul. Imagine pulling a feast from the sea, preparing it together, and enjoying it in the sand in a secret cove – both wild and elegant at once, and above all, unforgettable.

If you are looking to be pampered in seclusion and in style, then have a private meal at the villa. Ernesto and Ana Marie of the Villa Hurmuses are experienced and passionate chefs who can make you a spectacular meal of the finest grilled fresh fish and other Mykonian delights. In a safe setting, you can enjoy an elegant meal with family and friends – a true Mykonos experience with local flair.

Maybe you would like to learn how to cook some Mykonian dishes yourself! A private experience – “Mykonian Spiti” (“Mykonian Home”) – is actually much more than a cooking lesson. This cooking class in Mykonos is like being part of a Mykonian family for the night. Your hostess Teta, who hails from Crete, shares lore and secrets as you prepare a classic meal and enjoy it in excellent company. Did you know Mykonos is famous for some excellent local cheeses and charcuterie? You’ll sample wonderful local products – like the cured pork “Louza” and the addictive zesty roquefort-like soft cheese “Kopanisti” before you get started, along with some wonderful raki – a pure distilled spirit the Cretans are famous for. Then get ready to learn how to make some classic dishes that you’ll enjoy making part of your repertoire at home.

Let a little Dionysus into your holiday and take this occasion to learn more about Greek wines. Did you know that there are many indigenous Greek grapes, some praised since antiquity, being cultivated throughout Greece today? What better way to get in touch with the viticulture of Greece than at your own private guided wine tasting, right at the villa.

A Private Mykonos Experience at the Villa Hurmuses

With the highest standards of safety and hygiene at the Villa Hurmuses, and a whole host of private, tailor-made activities to suit your own interests and tastes, your holiday on Mykonos can be everything that you want it to be.

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