Healthy Lifestyle in Mykonos

Having a healthy lifestyle in Mykonos is easy. You’ll be surrounded by fresh air, the sea, great Mediterranean food and gym facilities too.

Healthy Lifestyle in Mykonos

We think exercise is the best mood-booster. So even if you are on holiday, maintaining that healthy lifestyle in Mykonos shouldn’t be something that you forget about when you’re out of town.  We sat down with Ankie Feenstra of the Body Work Gym to learn about her great staying fit secrets to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle in Mykonos.

healthy lifestyle in Mykonos


Villa Hurmuses: What is the secret to staying fit while on holidays in Mykonos? 

The secret is finding a good balance between feeling you are on holiday like relaxation and having that extra ice cream, but also wanting to keep up with your workout routine.

Do you see that there is a change in how clients are approaching a healthy lifestyle while on holiday? 

Yes, quite a few clients try to find a gym while being on holiday to continue their healthy lifestyle.

Has the Mykonos guest become more health oriented over the years? And in what way?

For many people who visit the island, appearance is very important to them.  Due to the fact appearance is important that motivates them to keep on working out. At the same time, they feel the health benefits.

Give us a few tips on how to keep fit on holidays without spending too much time working out at the gym.

Here are my tips:

1) Work out in the morning. The longer you wait the more you will put it off.

2) If you go to the gym work out no longer than 40 minutes. Workout 2 times a week.

3) While being on the beach make a brisk walk and swim the length of the beach a couple of times.


Where is the best place to practice yoga in Mykonos? Do you see that there are more Yoga practitioners coming to the island? 

In my 33 years of experience of owning the gym and yoga/Pilates studio together with my husband John, I would say that the demand for yoga has gone down a lot. Pilates with reformers and TRX and other styles of functional training are now far more in demand.

Outdoor training sections are also very popular like our outdoor Jungle Gym.

Thanks for the interview!

Eating Healthy in Mykonos

Besides working out you can also maintain your healthy lifestyle in Mykonos by eating well, of course.

Fokos Taverna serves fresh salads, meats and dips.

Tassos Taverna serves grilled sardines, octopus and great anchovies.

Also be sure to check out our list of Top Restaurants and Tavernas in Mykonos.

The fact is that you’ll be in Greece and Mediterranean food options are everywhere! At Villa Hurmuses we believe there you can definitely eat healthy while on holiday here.

Do you exercise and eat well when you’re on holiday? If so, do you have any tips to add on maintaining a healthy lifestyle in Mykonos?  Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

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