How to get around Mykonos

There are several ways to get around Mykonos, an island with rocky terrain, whitewashed hidden streets, cobblestone alleys, quaint squares and stretches of beach roads set by picturesque coastlines.


How to get around Mykonos

 Getting around Mykonos can be part of the fun while you’re visiting our island. Follow our tips to easily navigate Mykonos. 

Renting a car

Driving around Mykonos is best recommended if you are planning to visit “hidden” beaches like the ones we have listed in our previous post Top Secret Beaches of Mykonos. Otherwise, driving inside of Mykonos Town is banned and finding parking is almost impossible especially during the months of July and August. Generally, the streets are very narrow which doesn’t make driving a relaxing task at all.

 There are many car rental companies available on Mykonos, however we recommend Apollon Rent-A-Car at +30 22890-27850.  Ask for Despina or Dimitri who own the company and graciously provide our guests with special rates. You may pick up or drop off the car at the airport or at the house.



Taxis are expensive on Mykonos and are limited which makes waiting time almost impossible especially during high season (July and August). Taxis charge flat rates. In Mykonos Town, you can pick up a taxi from Manto or Town Square, or at Fabrika which is also the main bus station.

 If you are arriving to Mykonos International Airport (JMK) perhaps using a taxi service is the easiest way to get to your hotel unless you transfer has already been arranged by the hotel.

For guests staying at Villa Hurmuses, we provide a two-way transfer from/to the airport.



Scooters are less expensive than renting a car and easier to park. However, we do not recommend navigating Mykonian roads by car if you are not a skilled driver or if you are planning to enjoy a few drinks during your holiday.


ATV or Quad bikes

These four-wheel bikes are quite popular on Mykonos, you can see many of them around the island. They are a middle choice between renting a car and a scooter.

how to get around Mykonos



 If you are planning to stay inside of Mykonos Town then walking would be your best bet. Getting “lost” in the picturesque alleys is an authentic part of the experience here.

You can always ask the locals for directions. They will be happy to help.  For guests staying at Villa Hurmuses it is a 20-minute walk or so to get to Mykonos Town.



Mykonos has an efficient bus system which runs on a regular basis during the summer months and connects the major towns, attractions and beaches. The buses usually run every 30 minutes or one hour. Make sure to check the bus schedule while you are there.

Tickets can be purchased from the stands located at the bus stations, in the bus or in the tourist shops. The main bus stop in Mykonos Town is called Fabrika for the bus schedule please visit the Mykonos Bus website:

 We hope that you find our guide to how to get around Mykonos useful. Have you been to Mykonos? What’s your preferred mode of transportation? 

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