Experience Christmas On Mykonos

If you are looking for an unordinary holiday getaway, then how about hopping on the next flight out of town to experience Christmas on Mykonos? True, the iconic Cycladic island is a perfect destination during the summer months, but Mykonos has a unique charm during the cooler months too.

From the traditional Christmas boat embellished with twinkle lights to children singing carols and magical theatrical plays, Mykonos offers traditional festivities and adventure, making it an ideal destination to create exceptional holiday memories in Greece. Read on to find out what is happening on Mykonos during the holiday season. 

What to do on Mykonos over Christmas?

With its cobblestone streets and Cycladic architecture, Mykonos turns up the charm during the holidays, when the local community gets together to set up the traditional Christmas boat — decorated with colorful lights and hosts a series of festive events throughout the month of December.

•    On Saturday December 9th and Sunday 10th the Folklore Museum of Mykonos invites everyone to participate in the construction and decoration of the traditional Christmas boat — a unique experience which characterizes the famous Greek holiday tradition. To confirm your participation get in touch on the following numbers: +30 22890 27190 or +30 6977 439832

•    Sunday 10 December and Sunday 17 December the KDEPPAM will hold a children’s show by Kyriakou Charitou at the community center in Ano Mera Square as well as theatrical games for children above 3 years old organized by Myrto Molandoni. Entrance fee: 5 Euros.

•    On Thursday 14 December the Public Library of Mykonos is hosting a Christmas gathering for the 11th consecutive year (starting at 17:30). Our little guests and their parents are invited to watch Kelly perform a festive puppet show “The Elves and the Shoemaker.” Guests will also have an opportunity to participate in numerous crafts and musical activities.

•    Sunday December 17th. Christmas musical show by the Municipal Music School (Giorgos Axiotis) at the Grypario Cultural Center (starting at 19:00).

•    Saturday December 23rd, watch the famous folklore performance “Christmas goblins, the Greek kallikantzaroi” at the Cultural Center of KDEPPAM (starting at 18:00).

 A few of the festivities will also take place after the New Year. Here is what’s in store for you.


New Year 2018

On the first of the year, traditional New Year’s Day carols will be sung at the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani in Ano Mera after which you can attend the cutting of the vasilopita cake ceremony.


The final festive event of the season will take place on 6 January 2018 at the Mykonos City Hall with the cutting of the traditional vasilopita cake (12 noon). This is an important day for the Greeks as they celebrate the Epiphany also known as Theofania or Fota.

The Greek tradition is that the first sanctification of the Epiphany (The Enlightenment) takes place in church on the eve of the holiday. On the following day the priest passes from one house to another holding a cross and a basil branch which is sprinkled with holy water — blessing all the areas the house.


Christmas is the time of Giving

 At Villa Hurmuses, we believe in reaching out to those in need and support the efforts of the non-profit organization Emfasis.

For as little as buying a 10 Euro Merry Christmas Card you can contribute to the effort of providing a warm meal, clothes or medicines for those in need.  There is no better time to offer humanity than during the holiday season. 

There are plenty of festive happenings taking place on Mykonos this year, where you can become part of the fascinating Greek traditions and discover a different side of the island. Where will you be celebrating the holidays this year?

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