Experience the best of Mykonos with Mykonos Yachting

Looking for a Greek island yachting experience of a lifetime? We sat down with Mykonos Yachting to get an insight into the luxury yachting market on Mykonos and the fantastic services which they offer. Read on and start planning your trip.

Mykonos Yachting: Experience the Mykonian coast and beyond

1. What makes Mykonos Yachting stand out on the yachting market in Mykonos?

Mykonos Yachting Company is a member of the Hellenic Professional Yachts Owners Association and all the yachts presented on our website are privately owned. Therefore, our guests receive the best rates, while they are ensured that they are chartering a yacht which is in an excellent condition. Additionally, we have been in the marine tourism for more than two decades. All these years have provided us with the knowledge and the know-how, to be able to create unique and unparalleled holiday experiences. Everyone on our team, regardless his/her position, holds all the required certificates and he/she is well experienced so as to provide the best services. We are here to listen to our guests’ wishes and ideas and together we plan their ultimate travel experience.

2. What are the hidden gems and must-see parts of the Mykonian coast?

The south coast of Mykonos is the most well-known part of the island. But can you really say that you know Mykonos by only visiting its most famous beaches? By chartering a yacht, you will be able to discover Mykonos from a totally different perspective: you will get to experience the jet set venues and the nature’s rich heritage and eternal Cycladic beauty. You will get to enjoy your privacy on the secluded private beaches and bays, while at the same time you will feel the vibes of the always vivid Mykonian beaches. Our guests get to experience a different side to Mykonos, one that they would have never imagined existed. After chartering a private yacht, you will know more about Mykonos and its secrets treasures.

3. Mykonos Yachting offers a variety of itineraries for day trips to the nearby Cyclades Islands, which ones are the most popular among clients?

Mykonos Yachting offers an exclusive yachting experience in one of the world’s most famous holiday destinations, Mykonos and the Cyclades islands.

On one hand, we have majestic Mykonos which is the center of our attention. We offer cruises that allow our guests to explore this amazing island. Mykonos represents the image most travelers have when looking at postcards and dreamy images of the Greek islands. It is a place of contradictions where mythology, history, tradition and modernity perfectly coexist. Our destination consists of private bays and isles, where our guests can enjoy their privacy away from the busy crowds and the popular jet set venues, where the energy and the vibes can be felt all around.


On the other hand, the Cyclades comprise some of the most beautiful islands in the world! Gorgeous, sandy and beautiful vibrant beaches, amazing crystal clear, turquoise waters, white and blue architecture, traditional lifestyle, warm and hospitable people which makes a trip to Mykonos and the Cyclades a once in a lifetime experience. And there is no better way to explore and live the mystery of this part of the world than by chartering a luxury yacht. Discover Paros, Naxos, Ios and Santorini as they are the most popular islands of the Cyclades, or choose a different destination like Antiparos and Koufonissia. In any case, all the islands are known for their remarkable architecture, wonderful beaches and relaxing atmosphere. Holidays in the Cyclades can be either cosmopolitan or totally remote, depending on your preferences. Cosmopolitan or secluded, these beaches will give you all the relaxation you need during your summer holidays. Our captains are there to recommend and to plan the best itinerary.


4. They say anything is possible on Mykonos. Can you give examples of some of the most extraordinary and luxury trips which you have arranged for clients?

Everything is possible on Mykonos, and that is a fact! We at Mykonos Yachting know how to turn any occasion our guests wish to celebrate into an even greater event. We offer exclusive services which are thoughtfully chosen by our staff and we stand by our guests’ side throughout the journey –- before we set sail and while onboard. We take care of all the details while our guests are having fun.


For example, last summer, one of our guests wanted to throw a celebration on board for his girlfriend’s birthday. He requested for an on-board special menu, two birthday cakes, Champagne, balloons, fireworks, flowers, white themed decorations, DJ, dancers and three waiters. All the details were settled in a blink of an eye!

5. What makes a memorable yacht experience on Mykonos?

Our guests’ testimonials speak for themselves:

“Thank you for the excellent energy, hospitality and genuine service. Most of all, thank you for celebrating our one year anniversary with us. Best anniversary ever!” (Whitney & Matt)

“Captain Dimitri, Monica and Christina, we would like to thank you for a fabulous nine-hour charter day. We had the best time. It was a great experience. The service and the lunch was amazing experience. We hope to see you again next year” (The George family)


“Thank you for the amazing day exploring the beautiful Mykonos. We could not have asked for anything more” (Natalie and Paul)

“If I must put it in a few words, then it will be as follows — a perfectly conditioned yacht, an experienced and capable captain, a hospitable and friendly stewardess, a high-end customer service and attention to the very last detail.”

6. Do you have any new routes/ programs which you will be offering in the summer of 2017?

All our itineraries are well planned either for a cruise on the island of Mykonos or heading towards the nearby Cycladic islands. Are you interested in exploring the South Coast of Mykonos? Do you want to make a trip into the history and the Greek mythology? Then you should visit the islands of Delos and Rhenia. If you want to see more of the Cyclades, we have carefully planned all the suggested itineraries. However, each one is unique in itself and customized to fit the specific needs of our guests. Just give us a hint and leave the rest to us.

Have you experienced Mykonos on a private yacht? If not, not to worry you have this summer to join the fun and to plan a luxury yachting escape with Mykonos Yachting.

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