Day Trip to Paros: Top Things To Do in Paros

Mykonos is one of the top visited islands in Greece: its unique location in the heart of the Cyclades makes it an ideal base for island hopping. Want to take a break from the beaches of Mykonos and explore the nearby islands? A day trip to Paros is something you might like to consider. From picturesque villages, rich architecture, superb beaches and gastronomic traditions — Paros is an ideal choice for all tastes and ages.


Top Things To Do in Paros  

Landscapes and Traditional Villages 


If we were to take a canvas and portray the landscape of Paros, then we would gently add big brush strokes of greens, browns and yellows that will eventually blend in with the blues. Paros has a landscape that flows with hillsides that meet the Aegean Sea. 


The two prime destinations on the island are Paroika and Naoussa. Paroika is the main town and Naoussa is considered the “life of the island,” where much of the fun is happening. A blend of modern and authentic, you’ll find everything from fishermen boats bobbing in the harbor, bustling farmers’ markets to a throng of the island’s trendiest bars and restaurants.


Lefkes, a small traditional village, is an island highlights. Set on a hill surrounded by olive and pine trees, Lefkes is renowned for its unique architecture. The beautiful Church of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) houses rare and valuable Byzantine icons. Hiking enthusiasts head here to start off on numerous trails. It is also home to vineyards, wine and olive presses, monasteries and chapels.


On the eastern part of the island you will come across the vibrant and traditional villages of Marmara, Marpissa, Prodromos and Kostos. The west promises captivating sunsets over the neighboring island of Antiparos. Those who prefer to stay away from the busy crowds can escape to Alyki in the south which is considered the picture perfect port of traditional fishing boats.

The Superb Beaches of Paros

In the east, where the view stretches as far as Naxos, you will find yourself on the island’s most popular beaches including the bustling Santa Maria, pretty Logaras and lively Punda. At beach destinations like Ambelas, Molos, Drios and Lolantonis, you can enjoy a light lunch at a local beach taverna.


Gastronomic Delights of Paros 


Greece is a foodie’s heaven and Paros is no exception. The island is famous for its seafood and cheeses includinggraviera and xinomyzithra). The local snail specialty called karavoloi is served with boiled potatoes and skordalia (a garlic paste). At the Temple of Parian Wine in Naoussa, wine lovers can learn about the award-winning wines produced on the island. Paros is also famous for their own anise flavored spirit called souma.  


Tips for Traveling to Paros 


–    Paros is only a 30- to 60-minute boat ride from Mykonos depending on the vessel. During the summer season there are a few ferry companies that operate the route between Mykonos and Paros.

–    If you are planning a day trip to Paros, take the morning ferry which goes straight to Paroikia, the port and main town of Paros.

–    To get around Paros you may either rent a car or bike, or you may take the bus which goes to all the popular spots on the island.


Would you like to take a day trip to Paros? 

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