Day Trip to Naxos: Top Things to Do in Naxos Town

Many of our guests love to take a day trip to Naxos, a neighboring island just west of Mykonos.

We love Naxos for its unique charm. It is the largest island in the Cyclades. It is also the most fertile and green, offering a contrast to Mykonos’ very rocky landscape.

Naxos Town is a must-see when visiting on a day trip to Naxos.  Also known as the Chora, it is the capital and main harbor of the island.  It has a very well-maintained castle full of interesting and historic architecture with Venetian and Cycladic elements. Like Mykonos Town, you can stroll the quaint narrow stone paths of Naxos Town and simply “get lost.”

A view to the Portara from the Castro.

Here are some of the top things to do in Naxos Town during a day trip to Naxos:

Visit the Portara

You can’t miss this landmark as you sail into Naxos. It is an ancient doorway frame that stands on its own islet by the port of Naxos Town.  The Portara, which means big door, was once built to be the gate of an ancient temple. Today, the huge and heavy frame still stands, a gorgeous remnant of the island’s storied past.  If you can, be there at sunset.

Explore the Venetian Castle

This is one of the most historic top things to do in Naxos Town.  The castle, called kastro in Greek, has kept its medieval atmosphere. There you can visit the Venetian Museum of Naxos. Every summer, a music and cultural festival called the Domus Festival is held at the castle.

Stone brick solid Castro walls.

Shop for Local Products

Naxos Town is lined with beautiful little shops, boutiques selling handmade products, from art, sculptures to jewelry.  Also, be sure to pop into a few local food shops for foodie souvenirs like the local citrus liqueur called kitron, dried herbs and teas picked from the island’s landscape, local cheeses and locally produced wine.

Eat Excellent Greek Food at the Harbor

The waterfront of Naxos Town’s harbor has many excellent tavernas featuring the island’s local dishes.  Plus, you get an excellent view of the sea. Many fish restaurants, cafes and bars line the bustling area. We recommend Popi’s Grill, the oldest family-run taverna on the island.

Head to the Closest Beach

Just around the headland of Naxos’ harbor you’ll reach Agios Georgios Beach.  This is a long golden sandy beach with many eateries and one of the best places for windsurfing on the island.

A Beautiful Way to Spend your Day: Day Trip to Naxos

Taking a day trip to Naxos from Mykonos is around an hour long journey via hired yacht or ferry.  We think it’s another great way to discover more of the beautiful Cycladic islands.

Have you ever been on a day trip to Naxos?  If so, what were some of the top things to do in Naxos Town for you?

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