Day Trip from Mykonos: Visit the Mountain Villages of Naxos

The neighboring island of Naxos is known for some of the most picturesque mountain villages on the Cycladic islands.  During a day trip to Naxos from Mykonos, you can discover the beauty of these unique places.

The Mountain Villages of Naxos

One of the first villages you will encounter is Naxos Town. Like Mykonos Town, Naxos Town is the main hub and port of the island.  Also like Mykonos Town, it is made up of the characteristic whitewashed buildings of the Cycladic island chain, lanes to “get lost” in and lovely cafes, restaurants and bars. From there you can travel on and aim to visit some of the best mountain villages of Naxos.


Any Naxian will tell you that Apiranthos is one of the prettiest mountain villages of Naxos. It is located between two green valleys.

Walk through Apeiranthos to admire its Venetian architecture and homes made with fine marble details.  You can easily stop to enjoy scenic views at quaint little cafes.  Visit the church of Panagia Apeirathitissa, an old windmill and some of the local village museums.


Halki is another one of the best mountain villages of Naxos.  Venetian towers and Byzantine churches dot the area.  The village is immaculately maintained and you can pop into local shops selling handmade goods and Naxian treats.

Also, be sure to visit the Valindras kitron museum where you can sample the local citrus fruit flavoured liqueur and admire the local art and pottery at the Fish and Olive gallery.


Set on the Zas mountain slopes, Filoti is surrounded by olive groves and keeps an old world charm that visitors love.  Here you can see some Byzantine churches, stroll its main street lined with cafes and restaurants and relax with a Greek coffee in the main square.


Overlooking a mountainous valley of vineyards, Koronas is another village to consider visiting.

The Church of Panagia Agrokiliotissa is known for its religious feasts. You can even explore the Cave of Pan where clay statues of the Greek god of the wild have been excavated.


One of the oldest villages in Naxos is Melanes and many hiking paths crisscross through it.    Melanes is known for its dark soil which produces excellent vegetables as well as its olive groves and fruit trees.  There are also several medieval towers to take photos of. While in Melanes you can stop in nearby Flerio where a gigantic statue of a marble Kouros was abandoned since ancient times. Archaeologists say it may represent either a mortal man or god Dionysus. There is another statue of its kind in Apollonas village.


Kourounochori is a small village located on the slope of a Naxian mountain.  The view is lush and pretty and you can hike to places like Kourounochori. Here, you can take a peaceful stroll to see how locals really live.

Naxos is a quick and easy boat trip from Mykonos.  Go for the day and choose one or two of these fantastic mountain villages to explore.

Have you ever been to mountain villages on the Greek islands?

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