Chic Escape to Mykonos: What to Pack for Mykonos

Your chic escape to Mykonos may be just around the corner.  To make your life easier we have prepared a ladies’ style guide and what to pack for Mykonos to look fashionable, relaxed and Instagram worthy.

Whether you will be spending the day on the beach, wandering through the cobbled streets of Chora, dancing the night away in one of the trendiest nightclubs or enjoying a romantic dinner by the sea — combine some Grecian goddess armor with modern glamour and you will be dressed to impress!

Mykonos Day Style 

Beachwear, Hats and Bikinis  

Be generous with packing tunics, sarongs, beach dresses and shorts. Holidays on Mykonos means you will be spending long hours on the beach. The beaches on Mykonos are like a real live catwalk, you will definitely want to dress to impress.

Bikinis are your most important outfit. Pack as many as you can and don’t forget to throw in a one-piece swimsuit, they are great for afternoon cocktails by the pool.

Sunglasses are the best accessory. Sunshine makes you happy, and in Mykonos there is sunshine nearly every summer day.

Straw fedora and panama hats are always the perfect statement pieces. They not only protect your face and hair from the sun’s rays but also make you look effortlessly cool and glamorous. They look great in photos too.


Beach bags that are looking colorful yet sturdy are functional and fashionable  Make sure to pack one with you or buy one in Mykonos upon your arrival.

Artisan sandals are a Greek island must. Pack a pair or two for your ultimate Mykonian holiday. Leather sandals are a must-have and can be worn during the day and night. Metallic sandals are a great addition to any outfit, go for silver or gold.


Other Shoes to pack include a pair of flip-flops. A pair of running shoes as well, if you intend to keep fit during your holidays on Mykonos.

Boho-Chic dresses are perfect for Mykonos and will take you from the beach to the bar, looking stylish all the way. Pack a few — maxi and short.


Summer Styling Tip: A crisp shirt dress is perfect for any time of day. Stripes are a staple piece this summer, yet they are timeless too. Pair your shirt with a nice leather belt for the maximum affect.


White dresses are the best dresses, the kind you can throw on and be ready in a matter of seconds, no effort required. Our favorite styles are those with off-the-shoulder sleeves, romantic lace and boho-chic. They are what we call a forever piece.

White shirts are also a must. You can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt. Slip it over a bikini as a cover-up, then pair with shorts and you are ready to go exploring.

Mykonos Night Style 

Summer dresses: Bold, vibrant and fun, these are the dresses that have been making headlines this season. The Dolce Vita style will make you look feminine, elegant and joyful. Wear them up with adding a pair of killer hills or pair them down with a pair of ancient Greek sandals.


Printed-wide leg pants: Glamorous summer getaway calls for statement pieces, and there is no better statement piece this season than the matching cropped top and printed wide leg pants. Add some tropical palms or flowers for extra glamour.

Wraps: Mykonos is the island of the winds, make sure to pack a few wraps to keep you warm during the breezy summer nights. If you are travelling to Mykonos in September or October, we recommend that you pack a light cardigan or sweater.


Wedges: Colorful is a must and a playful pair of wedges is a perfect addition to your evening outfit. They will give you a lift and make your life less challenging walking the cobbled streets of Chora. A perfect fit for any outfit — everything from dresses to denim shorts.


Bags: Woven straw totes or colorful clutches are the highlight of a summer-chic wardrobe, pack a few to mix and match with your holiday wardrobe.

Beauty essentials: Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen, lip balm and bronzer for a polished, glowing summer look.

It’s all in the details! We hope that our What to pack for Mykonos guide will make your packing days less challenging. Are you ready to enjoy your chic escape to Mykonos?



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