Best Windsurfing Beaches on Mykonos

When the summer winds blow, the best windsurfing beaches on Mykonos are an exciting escape.

The Best Windsurfing Beaches on Mykonos

Mykonos is famous for its fantastic beaches and many of them are perfect for windsurfing lovers.  Whether you are a beginner or a pro, our island is one of the best places to experience the winds and the sea all at once.

Meltemi: The Summer Winds of Greece

Every summer, the Cycladic islands get their share of strong summer winds known in Greek as meltemi.  These annual winds are an impressive natural force to experience in the Greek islands. They blow hard and that makes for the perfect conditions for windsurfing.  Here are our picks for the best windsurfing beaches on Mykonos.


This beach is known on Mykonos for being a water sports hub. It is located on the southeastern part of Mykonos, 12 kilometers away from Mykonos Town.  From May to October the meltemi winds always find their way here.   You can reach it by car or by a boat that leaves from Platis Gialos.  Pezi Huber is a windsurfing center right on the beach that offers lessons and equipment rentals too.

There are also a few beach bars and restaurants on the coast here to relax at after your windsurfing sessions.


Located right by Ornos Bay, Korfos Beach faces north and its position creates a fantastic path for the strong summer winds to blow here.  The sandy beach and the shallow waters make the spot ideal for advanced riders as well as beginners.  Kite Mykonos is located here and offers windsurfing packages.

Platis Gialos

Another one of the Mykonian go-to beaches for watersports is Platis Gialos. Here you can get your adrenaline pumping with windsurfing lessons. This sandy beach is beautiful as well and is lined with beach bars, cafes, shops and restaurants.


At the northernmost beach of Mykonos island is famous for its wind. Factor in the crystal clear waters and the sandy yet rocky landscape and it is a beach paradise for windsurfers.  It is considered one of the most calm and peaceful beaches thanks to the wind which deters those who just prefer to sunbathe.  Ftelia Beach has several windsurfing centers that offer courses and rental equipment.

That sums up the best windsurfing beaches on Mykonos.  Have you been windsurfing in Greece?

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