Best Cycladic Island Cuisine

Cycladic island cuisine is special and its part of the experience when traveling to Mykonos.

Cylcadic Island Cuisine

Mykonos is part of the Cycladic island chain in Greece.  Each one shares similarities in architecture (whitewashed cubist buildings), whitewashed churches with blue domes, typically dry landscape and a seafaring history.  Cycladic island cuisine is another binding tie between each island.

The Cycladic islands do not have much meat production. Fresh fish and seafood is abundant. Other local foods include tomatoes, potatoes, yellow split peas (fava beans), capers, dairy products and honey. The islands are also the perfect place to discover other aspects of Greek food culture including eating by the sea or sipping Greek coffee at your leisure.

When you are visiting Mykonos, you can try all the great local dishes and look out for the best of Cycladic island cuisine. TO get you inspired, check out our top food posts to get an idea of what to eat and where to go when you on Mykonos.

Cycladic Island Cuisine on Mykonos

Like much of the country, the sea is everywhere you look so there are many delicious seafood dishes to choose from.  While you are in Mykonos, you’ll find the setting is the perfect place to enjoy such a meal. Check out our post about the Mykonian seafood dishes you should try.

From Aegean paella to mussels topped with a tomato-basil sauce, there are special seafood gourmet dishes that bring out the best of Cycladic island cuisine.  Check out our list of 5 seafood dishes to try on Mykonos this summer.

If you love cheese, and you’re a curious foodie, a taste of cheese from Mykonos will be part of your local food experience.  In fact, Greek cheeses, with their unique tastes, have gained culinary notoriety and Mykonian cheeses are part of that fame. Check out our post about cheese from Mykonos.

In the heart of Mykonos, a small family-run vineyard in Ano Mera offers an authentic Greek countryside experience.  The Mykonos Vioma Winery has been producing organic wine for more than 20 years.  Guests of Villa Hurmuses love visiting this local winery and farm that loves Greek tradition, organic food and amazing wine. Learn more about the Mykonos Vioma Winery in our earlier post: Mykonos Vioma: A Local Food and Wine Experience.

While in Mykonos, you’ll notice locals enjoying the island sun with one of the famous coffees of Greece in hand.  Check out our Greek coffee post to get you prepared for the special coffee drink variations during your visit to our island.

Mezes are savory appetizing, bite-size portions of traditional Greek food. They often come in the form of dips or small dishes. These plates are served in small portions and eaten leisurely with a nice glass of wine, Greek liquor or beer. They can also be ordered as appetizers before the start to a traditional taverna meal. Here are our top Greek mezes to try on Mykonos.

As you can see, the best of Cycladic island cusine can be found on our island.  Have you tried Greek food before?

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