Athens City Break: Highlights in Plaka

During your city break in Athens, be sure to check out the highlights in Plaka.

Highlights in Plaka


While taking a city break in Athens, either on your way to Mykonos or returning from Mykonos, be sure to experience the highlights in Plaka. Plaka is right in the heart of Athens at the foot of the Acropolis and it is one of the loveliest districts in the Greek capital.


It’s lined with paved stone lanes, neoclassical houses, bougainvillea drenched corners, souvenir and artisan shops, picturesque cafes and spots that offer outstanding Instagram ready views of Athens. Here are our favorite highlights in Plaka.


The Roman Agora


The Roman Agora was the buzzing core of Athens during the Roman era. The site was elegantly columned with shops, squares and fountains.  It is one of the most interesting ruins to visit in Plaka.

Go Shopping in Plaka


Plaka is one of the top shopping districts in Greece. Here, you’ll find yourself spending time checking out the small artisan and souvenir shops.  You can shop for handmade leather sandals, Greek inspired jewelry, organic Greek food products and beautiful pieces of art.

Filomousos Eteria Square

Built in the 19th century, Filomousos Eteria Square is one of the central squares in Plaka. You’ll find it on the crossroads of Kydathinaeon, Farmaki, Olympian Zeus and Aggelos Gerontas streets.  The atmosphere here is just lovely. It has numerous cafes, Greek tavernas and live music clubs.

Plaka for Kids

If you’re traveling with kids be sure to stop at the Hellenic Childrens’ Museum which has various learning exhibits about nature, science and culture aimed to pique the interest of little ones.  The Museum of Children’s Art is in Plaka as well. The museum holds various art events that lift the creative spirit inside a child’s mind.

Anafiotika Village


This is one of the most unique villages in the word because it right in the heart of a major metropolis. This whitewashed warren of lanes is set on a slope and is lined with small and charming white cube houses.


The neighborhood was built in the 19th century at the foot of the Acropolis by builders who relocated to Athens from Anafi island. They ended up replicating the architecture of their home island which is the Cycladic island chain (the same island chain as Mykonos).


Museums of Plaka

The Athens University Museum on Tholos Street has various exhibits that relate to higher education in Greece as well as cultural exhibits.

The Kanellopoulos Museum is one of the under-the-radar museums in Athens and it is full of wonderful art, archaeological findings and artifacts.  The precious private collection was donated by collectors Pavlos and Alexandra Kanellopoulos to the Greek state.

Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments has three floors that exhibit the various folk instruments of Greece.  The museum promotes the research and study of Greek instruments and folk music.

Frissiras Museum has an impressive collection of thousands of paintings, drawings, sculptures and engravings of European artists.


That sums up our favorite highlights in Plaka. Be sure to check them out during your city break to Athens. (Check out this 4 days in Athens itinerary)


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