Athens City Break: Gazi

One of the liveliest nightlife hubs in Athens is Gazi.  Here’s our mini-guide for your Athens city break visit to Gazi.

Athens City Break in Gazi

We know how to party on Mykonos. People know how to party in Athens too, but in a more hip and urban way.  With that in mind, one of the best nightlife spots to check out in the Greek capital is Gazi.  While you’re on your Athens city break – before or after your trip to Mykonos – be sure to check out this part of town.


Gazi History: From Gasworks to Cultural Hub

At one point in time, around two decades ago, Gazi wasn’t the nicest part of town. Historically, it was a district of undesirables living in the shade of a gas tower. That’s what Gazi means in Greek – gasworks.  Today, that gas tower still stands where the historical Athens Gasworks once stood. What has been built around it is a unique hub of cultural spaces, bars, clubs and restaurants that stretch out from a main square to Gazi’s little streets.

Here are some things to check out during your Athens city break in Gazi.

Street Art in Gazi

Athens has been coined one of the best street art cities in Europe. The art is very creative and colorful, often packed with meaning and insight into local and worldly issues.  Gazi is full of fantastic street art by some famous street artists. Just look up and around. You can even take a Street Art Tour through the district to make sure you don’t miss a thing!Gazi


Visit Technopolis

This unique venue opened in 1999. You can’t miss it. It’s a cultural center built around the landmark gasworks tower and historical 19th century buildings. While you are in town you might be able to check out one of the exhibitions, seminars, music concerts and other cultural activities take place in the grounds. Check out the website here:


Bars, Clubs and Café Life

One of the main metro stops in the city is Keramikos and it shuttles right up into the heart of Gazi’s main square. From there you can explore Gazi’s surrounding streets including Iakou, Persephonis, Dekeleon and Voutadon. These streets are lined with cafés that double as bars come nightfall.

Gazi is also the heart of the city’s gay scene. Head to S-Cape dancing. As for classic Gazi eateries, grab a table at the Butcher Shop for delicious grilled meats, or Kandavlos for Greek fast food, like souvlakia, which are less pricey.

Gazaki is one of the district’s first bars. Gazarte is known for its rooftop bar and live music, Hoxton and 45 Degrees also have rooftop balconies worth a summer eve in Athens. In fact, there are many rooftop bars to choose from with amazing views of the Acropolis and the gasworks tower.

Gazi Boutique Hotels

If you want to stay in Gazi, check out the nearby options such as the boutique O&B Hotel. The Eridanus is a stylish choice and you can opt for an Acropolis view suite. If you’re looking for a rooftop pool, the Fresh Hotel might be the best choice for you.

That sums up our highlights of Gazi. If you love nightlife and summer party crowds, be sure to check out Gazi during your Athens city break.



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