5 Reasons Why Mykonos is the Most Romantic Island

There are many reasons we believe Mykonos is the most romantic island in Greece, possibly Europe.  Here are our top five.

Mykonos: The Most Romantic Island in Greece

If you are looking for a holiday with ambiance, beauty and dreamlike settings meant for two, Mykonos will steal your heart.

We may be biased but we know that our island is blessed with an amazing location, beautiful scenery and the amenities any couple can enjoy. Here are our top five reasons why Mykonos is the most romantic island in Greece.

Paraportiani Church

This is one of the most eye catching, traditional whitewashed buildings in the Cycladic islands.

Mykonos, Greece

It is called Paraportiani Church and because it is unique, it is one of the most photographed churches in the world.  There are many layers to it including Medieval stone walls and parts of other churches literally built on top of the once built before it.  These structures date back as far as the 14th century.  It’s location in Mykonos Town makes it the perfect place to stroll to and take in the view.

Private Sunset Dinners

At our villa, our in-house staff is ready to prepare beautiful sunset dinners – so you don’t have to go anywhere if you choose not to.


Exploring Mykonos is a must at some point and we know there are many great dining venues around the island.   Award winning chefs and private butlers can cater to any need.  Dinners can be elegantly set up by the water or on the beach in a private and romantic manner. The Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel and the Santa Marina Hotel are two top choices for booking a special table for two on Mykonos.  Also, check out our earlier post about the best scenic dining experiences in Mykonos.

Great Places to Have a Picnic

In our earlier post, we told you how you can have a perfect picnic in Mykonos.  What better way to enjoy the great weather, beach views and relaxing atmosphere on the island than by heading out with a filled picnic basket full of locally made goodies.


It’s a great reason to open a bottle of champagne or chilled Greek wine.  Also consider organizing a romantic picnic with Teo Iliopolous of Lifestyle Cooking Mykonos.  We interviewed him in an earlier post about how his business organizes amazing local dishes in romantic settings around the island. Our guests are big fans!

Beautiful Sunsets in Little Venice

The Greek islands are famous for their stunning sunsets which are the most romantic moments of the day. Our Villa Hurmuses balcony promises a spectacular setting to witness the magical Myconian sunset.

Another great place to go and experience the sunset while on Mykonos is Little Venice.  This small district on the shores of Mykonos Town is lined with little bars and cafes where you can both relax, enjoy a cocktail, watch the waves crash on shore while the sun sets in the distance.

Island Ambiance

Island ambiance here is like no other island in the world.  That’s why so many people fall in love here and fall in love with the island.

From our beautiful Old Town with its winding paths and whitewashed buildings, our gorgeous pristine beaches, fun nightlife and sparkling seas, you and your significant other will understand why Mykonos is a romantic island.

Mykonos: A Romantic Island in Greece

We know there are more than five reasons behind why Mykonos is a romantic island. These reasons are our favorite. Have you been to Mykonos? Let us know what you think.



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