20 + 17 Things We Love About Mykonos

As the year comes to a close, we want to share why we think Mykonos is the best Greek island.

 Things We Love About Mykonos 

 Our blog is dedicated to showcasing Mykonos in all its diversity, beauty and energy.  Each post has been special to share: a wonderful story, local expert advice or inspirational ideas.


 To end 2016, we have complied our list which encompasses the best ideas and inspiration behind our posts.  We are looking forward to 2017.  So, here are 20 + 17 Things We Love About Mykonos. 

 Be sure to tell us if you have any more insights to add…

  1. Light, the magical color palette of the island, and the freedom.
  2. Tradition, modernity, simplicity and glamour.
  3. Mykonos is a bit of Hollywood glamor on a Greek island — a place that enjoys the limelight and flattery. Come here once and the island will be calling your name over and over again.
  4. Mykonians have inspiring stories to tell. Talented and charismatic, they add depth and character to the island.
  5. Including Nikoleta Xidakis, who is one of the two remaining weavers on the island. Her dedication to keep weaving traditions on Mykonos alive is truly remarkable. nikoleta-xidakis-weaver-mykonos-2
  6. Mykonos welcomes millions of visitors from all corners of the world each summer. As a result, the gastronomy scene is incredible.  Restaurants and tavernas are ready to cater to even the most discerning travelers.
  7. Mykonos is home to one of the last bakeries in the Cycladic islands that uses a wood fired oven to bake bread.Cloe Papaioannou and her husband George Vamvakouris run the Gioras Wood Bakery and abide by traditional bread making methods.  gioras-wood-bakery-1
  8. The island’s archaeological sites and the legacies of the past.
  9. Delos, one of the most sacred places in ancient Greece, is located right next to Mykonos.
  10. Mykonos has inspired and continues to inspire many artists to create their masterpieces. There is something special about the energy of this place. 
  11. New openings of bars, restaurants and shops that keep us entertained every season.Rakkan Mykonos
  12. One great thing that sets Mykonos apart from many Greek islands is how many amazing beach bars there are.
  13. Design heaven — creative concepts and ultimate luxury.
  14. The Mykonian mosaic art creations by the talented Irene Syrianou.img-20161109-wa0006
  15. Revolutionary and adventurous island’s nightlife. 
  16. Authentic Cycladic architecture, idyllic Mykonian setting and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea.
  17. Here you will find what the Greeks call philoxenia — warm hospitality.mykonos-cobblestone-streets-1
  18. The party beaches on Mykonos are a world on their own. They are full of energy, fun people, great music, fabulous cocktails and renowned DJs.
  19. Day trips from Mykonos to nearby Cyclades: Tinos, Paros, Antiparos and Naxos.

    Paros island

  20. Mykonos for the Adventurous: Mykonos may be best known for endless parties, heavenly beaches and as a playground for the rich and famous, but there is more to the island – the adventurous side.
  21. Movies shot on Mykonos: Looking for movies shot in Mykonos to grab some Greek island travel inspiration? Look no further. Our island was the setting for a handful of films.22512468504_9b39f9b64f_b
  22. Enjoying Greek seafood in Mykonos is one of the culinary pleasures of visiting the island. Like much of the country, the sea is everywhere you look so there are many delicious seafood dishes to choose from.Mykonos, Greece
  23. The truth is there is just one celebrity on the island. His name is Petros. He’s a pelican. He knows he’s a star.Pelecan Mykonos_passion for greece
  24. Mykonos’ club scene has come a long way — and those who visit the island every summer have enjoyed world class entertainment which only keeps on getting better. 
  25. Having a healthy lifestyle in Mykonos is easy. Here, you can be surrounded by fresh air, the sea and great Mediterranean food.  
  26. The famous churches and monasteries of Mykonos are fantastic holy sites that dot the islands rocky landscape. They have maintained their original character, standing proudly in Mykonos Town and other villages. chora-mykonos-ag-nikolaos-1
  27. Mykonos is ringed with more than 30 beaches and each one caters to different crowds. Some beaches attract more of the party crowd, others are more cosmopolitan and others are secluded and nudist friendly.  Then, there are the top family friendly beaches in Mykonos.Jackie O beach
  28. Unique exhibits and invitation only events gather art lovers from all corners of the world.
  29. XLSIOR is a gay festival which happens annually on Mykonos offering a memorable holiday experience that combines luxury, fun and a friendly atmosphere.
  30. For a glimpse of Mykonian history, culture and life head to one of the museums on Mykonos.folklore museum mykonos
  31. My Mall boasts the biggest fashion, beauty and wellness brands. Set on spacious and elegant grounds, the space’s innovative design is guaranteed to impress.
  32. Mykonos is an island of many faces and charms.
  33. Nammos Mykonos takes to the slopes for an ultimate winter experience in Courchevel 1850.nammos-mykonos-psarou-beach-greece-8
  34. Its official, the Gumball 3000 Rally 2017 route has been announced as it will return to Europe and take place between the 1st and the 8th of July.  The event will commence in Riga, Latvia on Saturday 1st of July and welcome the Gumball 3000 entrants as they will drive into the event in their mix of classic, super, hyper and unique cars. All the contestants will then continue the Rally adventure through Europe and their final destination will be Mykonos.
  35. There is no limit when it comes to fun on Mykonos.Guzel Mykonos
  36. Yacht parties on Mykonos are out of this world. Can you keep a secret? What happens on Mykonos, stays on Mykonos.
  37. Mykonos is a way of life.  
    As the year is coming to an end we would like to thank you for following our blog and we look forward to bringing you fresh and inspiring content to help you plan the summer of your dreams.mykonos-eye-1Sending you positive vibes for a creative and prosperous New Year. We hope you enjoyed our list of 20 + 17 Things We Love About Mykonos. See you next year! 

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