Top Reasons to rent Villa Hurmuses in Mykonos

If you have been dreaming of traveling again – and who hasn’t?! – you may want to consider something really special – your own private villa in Mykonos. This Cycladic gem of an island is one of the most famous destinations in the world, and there are hundreds of good reasons for that. Mykonos is truly a destination of unique charms, both traditional and cosmopolitan. The enchanting alleyways and amazing beaches draw visitors from across the globe.


Imagine being able to enjoy Mykonos in total privacy though. The Villa Hurmuses offers the best of all worlds – the luxury of a private villa, with close proximity to all the fun of Mykonos town and easy access to all the secrets of the island – the best beaches, the traditional capital of Chora on the hilltop, and the glorious countryside with its dovecotes and flocks of goats.


Time to Reconnect

After being separated for so long, it’s wonderful to be able to finally reconnect with family and with friends. A holiday at a private luxury villa on Greece’s most glamorous and beautiful island provides the ideal setting. You can design your own experience. Do you want to spend all of your time sitting and reading and playing cards, lounging by the pool, and so on – just concentrating on family while you enjoy a fully catered experience?

You can do that here. On the other hand, maybe your idea of fun is gathering everyone into the kitchen to cook together and share a meal. The villa Hurmuses is your home, so you can do that, too. If you’re looking for a safe and secluded holiday, with privacy and security for you and your group of family and friends, this is the finest destination. The Villa Hurmuses offers all the safety and seclusion you need to feel completely comfortable. For those who wish to venture out, the pleasures of Mykonos town are conveniently close by.

A Destination in Itself

The Villa Hurmuses experience is complete. Let’s start with the pool – the World Hotel Luxury Awards deemed the Villa Hurmuses the best luxury private pool villa. The beautiful deck with its stone walls has plenty of cushy loungers and umbrellas to accommodate your whole party in comfort and style. This is just one of the features that make the villa a place you won’t want to leave. With its traditional Mykonian vernacular architecture and beautiful details, gorgeous views, and well-appointed with cozy furnishings that suit the island mood, it’s more than a home base- it may end up being your favorite spot in Mykonos.

Mykonos, Greece

There’s also just the right level of coddling. Greece is world famous for its hospitality – “Philoxenia” (that’s “love of strangers”) is the foundation of Greek life, and especially on the islands. Here, Ernesto and Ana Marie – a wonderful couple who has been part of the Villa Hurmuses family for two decades now. They will make you feel part of the family as well, while ensuring your stay is as comfortable as possible. And as delicious as possible – Ana Marie is a fantastic cook and you’ll love her home-style breakfast, homemade cookies, and Greek specialties (such as the famous moussaka – a dish best served at home).

As to dining, this dedicated staff makes it possible for you to have menus tailored precisely to your wants and needs. Allergies and other dietary considerations can easily be accommodated, and so can your individual tastes. Gastronomy is such an important part of the holiday experience. Are you perhaps travelling with children? Their schedule will also be easy to accommodate at the villa.  This is one of the great advantages of choosing a luxury villa instead of a luxury hotel – a completely individual experience, perfect for you and your family and friends.

Plenty to Do at Home!

Speaking of Gastronomy, at the Villa Hurmuses you can have a rare gastronomy experience – a cooking class on Mykonos with Teta, your hostess. The evening is called “Mykonian Spiti” – Mykonian Home – because that is exactly what it is – a true experience of a Mykonian family with stories and lore, culture, and of course food and wine as you master some of the secrets of Greek Island cooking. 

What about a wellness retreat? With the wholesome food, the peaceful atmosphere, and the award winning pool, the only thing missing is a massage. You can have that too – a private masseuse can visit the villa for a massage in a safe and private environment.

A Perfect Place for Lifes Special Moments

Do you have something special to celebrate? A lot of special moments have been put on hold – Big birthdays. Anniversaries. Family reunions. Even special celebrations like a wedding or a baptism. Mykonos is the ideal place to rejoice in life’s most special moments – for many reasons. The setting is magical.

There are many activities you can enjoy together as a group – both at the villa, and as a private group out at exotic locations throughout the island. Come together again as a family or band of good friends over wine tasting, hiking, scuba diving, or anything else you wish, like trying out a new watersport. A private boat trip around the island? Perfect. A trip to magical Delos to explore the mysteries of archaeology with a private guide? Also a wonderful idea.  

Villa Hurmuses – Your Own Private Mykonos

With a holiday at your own private luxury villa, you can experience your own private Mykonos. You may come as a visitor, but you may leave feeling like a local, with your own personal experience of the island.

We look forward to welcoming you!


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