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Planning a Villa Wedding in Mykonos | Part 2

When couples research where to host the perfect island wedding many opt for a villa wedding in Mykonos.

Greece’s beautiful island scenery has proven to be the perfect backdrop for a wedding event. Think of the elegant whitewashed historic walls of the old town or the idyllic pristine beaches.

The one issue that we explained in the first part of our “Planning a Villa Wedding in Mykonos” blog series is that many optimistic couples run into bureaucratic headaches.  Total control of a wedding event is possible, however, at a beautiful spacious whitewashed traditional Mykonian villa. It has proven to be a simple yet elegant solution. If the wedding party is small enough, friends and family can stay in the same luxurious place but with enough privacy and freedom to do what each group wants. Furthermore, staying at a lovely spacious villa gives even more precious time for the bride and groom to mingle with loved ones that have traveled near and far to be with them on their big day.  Continue Reading…