Planning a Villa Wedding in Mykonos | Part 3

The perfect island wedding takes planning.  When couples abroad opt for a beautiful villa wedding in Mykonos, not only do they consider our villa to host their dream wedding, they also seek out some extra help. We love recommending our friend and local wedding expert, Margarita Samanoglou.

Margarita offers consulting, planning and coordinating services at Dream Weddings Mykonos. This is our third and final interview with her for our special blog series called “Planning a Mykonos Wedding.” This time she sat down to talk to us about packing for your island wedding, bachelor and bachelorette parties and taking time out to relax. 

What should the bride pack for her wedding trip to Mykonos? 

Sun block and after-sun cream!  Flat shoes for dancing. The wedding dress 😉


What should a groom pack?

Nothing out of the ordinary, the groom should perhaps take into consideration the anxiety he may face on the big day. Thus, an additional shirt, some comfortable shoes, his good friends and a glass of Champagne are perhaps the best things he would need on his wedding day.

Many to-be brides reading this are coming from abroad. How does the bride arrange her hair and make-up? Does she do a rehearsal a few days before the wedding?

We work with very talented stylists. We understand how important this aspect of planning is for the bride.

A hair and makeup rehearsal is a must for the bride. Many times, on the day of the event, anxiety and time pressures can put a lot of stress on her.  She needs to feel great on her special day and a bad hair-do can really affect her in a negative way.


Different stylists can offer alternative results. A trial the day before the wedding can do wonders. Feeling comfortable with your service providers is also a must. The bride needs to be able to feel there is a connection with their stylist and that she is being understood.

My advice regarding the best wedding hair-do in Mykonos, an island prone to summer winds, is to select and up-do style or half-up style.  This way the wind doesn’t damage the style. Bad pictures can be the result of loose hair flying in to the bride’s face. Also a veil can also create problems if it’s a windy day, so I advise the ladies to remove it if the weather does not permit.

Mykonos is famous for its array of cosmopolitan nightlife options. We imagine, it must be fun to organize bachelor and bachelorette parties for your clients. What are the most memorable ones that you can think of? What do the couples opt for? 

There are many option on Mykonos, as you said.  Some of the top options for the groom are: water sports on the beach, beach bars, private cruises. Some top options for the bride are: beauty treatments, luxury spas, and sunset cocktails on the beach.


However, couples that come from far away tend not to do bachelor or bachelorette parties. They want to be together during the days leading up to the wedding.  The most common events planned by the couples are: a welcome cocktail party where all guests can meet and get to know each other, a nice welcome dinner in a restaurant in Mykonos town followed by a night out at the bar, a sunset boat cruise with cocktails if the weather is good, and a day on the beach sunbathing, swimming and eating with friends.

Do you recommend that brides visit a spa before the big day? Do you recommend any massages and beauty treatments? 

Some relaxation moments are indeed a good idea for both bride and groom. Couples’ treatments are available as well as separate gender treatments. Ladies usually choose to be with their friends and visit a saloon to do manicure and pedicures, hair styling and make up. The groom’s party usually prefers to relax on the beach with their friends and a bit of alcohol.

Thank you for taking time out to answer this final series of questions in our special blog series. Anything else to add regarding your experience planning a villa wedding in Mykonos?

My pleasure! Mykonos is perhaps the loveliest island in Greece to have an amazing wedding experience. Like we discussed earlier, our clients that opt for a villa wedding because they want to have total control of their wedding event. Having that special time at a beautiful spacious whitewashed traditional Mykonian villa, like yours, is a great option.

I’d like to add that for many smaller weddings, friends and family can stay in the same luxurious place but with enough privacy and freedom to do what each group wants. Staying at a villa also means ample time for the couple to spend precious time with their loved ones that have traveled to be with them on their big day.

We’re always glad to help make all wedding preparations very special for our clients.


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