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An Insider's Guide to Mykonos

Top Cocktail Bars in Mykonos 

There is nothing better than time spent with friends, the thrills of watching the captivating Mykonian sunset and the taste of a refreshing signature cocktail. In Mykonos: Signature Cocktails never go out of style. Want to know which are the top Cocktail Bars in Mykonos? We have prepared a list introducing the best of the best.

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Gay Mykonos: A Friendly Holiday Destination

Mykonos is considered one of the top gay destinations in Europe and for good reason. There’s so much that gay Mykonos offers from incredible nightlife, excellent restaurants and fantastic things to do and see.

Gay Mykonos: A Perfect Holiday

Who doesn’t love the Mediterranean summer sun, idyllic beaches and fun lively nightlife? We’re proud that Mykonos has embraced it all. It’s all especially embraced by gay holiday makers from around the globe. There’s a good reason Mykonos has earned its reputation for being such a great gay friendly place to be on holiday. Continue Reading…

Mykonos for the Adventurous

Mykonos may be best known for endless parties, heavenly beaches and as a playground for the rich and famous, but there is more to the island – the adventurous side. In this post, we present Mykonos for the adventurous.  


Action Packed Days in Mykonos  

Do you love a little action packed adventure in your holiday? Go ahead and read our list of recommended things to do on the island that will get your pulse racing.

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Where to Eat in Mykonos Town

Wondering where to eat in Mykonos Town?  Well, there are dozens upon dozens of choices of fantastic eateries and ambient restaurants to choose from.  We wanted to give you some ideas of the best places, where we love to go eat out in chora. 

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Top Family Friendly Beaches in Mykonos

The top family friendly beaches in Mykonos are absolutely lovely and perfect for children to enjoy the sunshine and the sea.

Mykonos is ringed with more than 30 beaches and each one caters to different crowds.  Some beaches attract more of the party crowd, others are more cosmopolitan and others are secluded and nudist friendly.  Then, there are the top family friendly beaches in Mykonos.  Continue Reading…

Most Relaxing Beaches in Mykonos

Are you ready to discover some of the most relaxing beaches in Mykonos?  You’ll have many choices. The island is blessed with all types of picturesque beaches perfect for all types of beach styles. Whether you consider yourself a partier, watersports lover or family friendly beach seeker, you will find the perfect beach for you.  Some of the most popular Mykonian beaches happen to be the most relaxing beaches on the island that are perfect for just lounging, swimming and enjoying the view. Sound nice? Continue Reading…

Three Reasons to visit Mykonos in 2016

The New Year is a time to reflect on the life changes we want to make and looking forward to what’s to come in 2016. For many it might be that once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation to Greece or for others it might be a return trip to discover more of Greece’s beauty. We are sharing our top three reasons to visit Mykonos in 2016. There is no better way to lift your new year spirits than to plan your dream holiday. Continue Reading…

A Tale of Traditional Mykonos: The Past and the Present

Every great story worth reading starts with a hero and a journey. We’re going to share with you “A Tale of Traditional Mykonos: The Past and the Present.”

Once upon a time, as early as the 11th century, the first settlers came to the island. They were known as the Ionians from Athens. Later, the island became part of the Byzantine Empire.  By 1390, the island fell under Venetian rule. In 1718, the castle of Tinos fell to the Ottomans, and the last of the Venetians withdrew from the region. Up until the end of the 18th century, Mykonos prospered as an important trading center attracting many immigrants from the nearby islands as well as regular pirate raids.

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Mykonos Design: A Closer Look at Cosset

What makes staying on our island such a unique experience for our visitors is the island’s architecture and Mykonos design.  The bright whitewash of the homes is one thing, but the local market design and decoration influenced from the Grecian beauty that surrounds us each day also contributes to the inspiration for Mykonos interior design elements.

That’s why we sat down with Theodore Zacharis and Marios Sergidis of Cosset, the team behind the Mykonos interior design company.  We love the work they do which focuses on elegant design, details and customization.    Continue Reading…