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An Insider's Guide to Mykonos

How to get from Athens to Mykonos

When planning a trip to Mykonos there are several factors to consider, one of them is how to get from Athens to Mykonos. Unless you are taking a direct flight from your destination, here are a few options to help you better plan your trip. Continue Reading…

How to Spend One Day on Mykonos

Cruise ship travel is a great way to relax and see the world. This type of holiday travel is preferred by many who wish to visit a few popular destinations in one trip. Every summer thousands of visitors come to Mykonos on a cruise ship thus they only have a few hours to spend on this popular Cyclades island. To make the most of your experience, we have complied a list of tips on how to spend one day on Mykonos. Continue Reading…

Mykonos Lifestyle Cooking by Teo Iliopoulos

Want to learn more about the Mykonian food culture and embark on a journey of exquisite tastes? Mykonos Lifestyle Cooking is a fascinating concept that introduces guests to authentic and traditional flavors of Mykonos.

 We sat down with the Founder, Teo Iliopoulos to get an insight on what inspired him to create Lifestyle Cooking and to find out about the bohemian beach cooking experience. Intrigued? Read on!  Continue Reading…

Mykonos in Mythology

Like other destinations in Greece, Mykonos has its own special stories in Greek mythology.  Still admired and told today, the Greek myths associated with Mykonos answer the question of how the island formed and where it got its name. Continue Reading…

20 + 17 Things We Love About Mykonos

As the year comes to a close, we want to share why we think Mykonos is the best Greek island.

 Things We Love About Mykonos 

 Our blog is dedicated to showcasing Mykonos in all its diversity, beauty and energy.  Each post has been special to share: a wonderful story, local expert advice or inspirational ideas.


 To end 2016, we have complied our list which encompasses the best ideas and inspiration behind our posts.  We are looking forward to 2017.  So, here are 20 + 17 Things We Love About Mykonos.  Continue Reading…

Mykonian Mosaic Art

Mykonian mosaic art is a unique form of art you can admire at one special studio in Mykonos Town.

 Mykonian Mosaic Art 

With all its beauty and inspirational landscapes, Mykonos continues to attract artists and art lovers from all over the world. There are many ways to see Mykonos with an artistic eye and one way that is truly unique is through mosaic art.

Continue Reading…