MyMykonos App: Mykonos at your Fingertips

For digital-savvy travelers, the new MyMykonos App offers access to everything happening on Mykonos.

 MyMykonos App — Activities and events, all in one place 

At Villa Hurmuses we want to make sure that our guests have all the right ingredients for a seamless and hassle-free holiday on Mykonos. Downloading MyMykonos App is one of those solutions plus it’s easy to use and free. It is available on Android and iOS. With just a few steps you can have access to everything that is happening on the island of Mykonos on the day, as well as plan for later. There is no need to go looking through various social media channels to find all the events, parties and activities which are taking place. The apps unique algorithm can generate over 45 events and activities that are happing on Mykonos both day and night. MyMykonos App is a great tool for hunting down all the hot parties too.


MyMykonos App Unique features 

Navigating through the MyMykonos App is easy, the central button gives you a scroll down list of everything that is happening on the day, the following day, in two days or upcoming. You can also search by categories which are separated into: Tours, Beach, Sports & Wellness, Art & Culture, Sunset, Nightlife, Dining and Shopping. Whether you are looking for a day trip to another Cycladic islands, new openings or to explore Mykonos, this app will give you insider tips on what to see and do. 


If you find an event or a party that you like, just add it to a favorites list so you can access the information later on. The MyMykonos App provides you with an event/tour description, the start and end time, contact information and Open in Google Maps feature to give you exact directions on how to find your way around. 


Why you need the MyMykonos App  

Actual humans have done all the work to compile the information about the island. Experts who know their way around Mykonos have reviewed all the events and tours, to bring you the very best depending on your preferences and tastes. On MyMykonos App you will find something for everyone, and the best of all is that this information is free. There is a mix of immediacy and depth, less time spent on searching and more time left to enjoy! 

Do you use any travel apps when traveling? Let us know which ones by commenting below. 

We hope that you find MyMykonos App useful. For local recommendations and activities on the island you can also refer – of course- to our Villa Hurmuses blog

 Download MyMykonos App for Android (free) or iOS (free)

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